A devout Catholic on American Idol

I just found out through lifesitenews.com that the 16 year old American Idol contestant Maddy Curtis is not only Catholic but that her mother is a very active pro-life blogger at mommylife.net. She has a wonderful story of their families’ journey from strong left leaning politics to evangelical and then, two years ago, to the Catholic Church! They have 12 children, four of them have Downs Syndrome. God is so wonderful!

i really liked Maddy when i saw her on idol, even before i read that she & her family were Catholic converts 2 years ago. She seemed genuine & you could feel the love she had for her family & especially her down syndrome brother & the 3 other down syndrome children they adopted!!

Her Parish Priest said it perfectly in the article below; **“Fr. Escalante emphasized that the Curtis’ are a “very, very pro-life” family, who, he said, “don’t just preach about it, [but] actually live it.” **Barbara, the mother of the family, is a professional writer and pro-life speaker who runs a popular pro-life blog”.

Watch her idol segment & performance here; blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2010/01/american-idol-maddy-curtis-stands-out-in-boston.html

There is a good article here; catholic.org/hf/family/story.php/story.php?id=35207

Pray for her & her family to continue to spread the message of the Love of Jesus Christ by their actions. i’m sure there will be some ugly attacks on their family, once some unscrupulous people find out they are Pro-Life Catholics!

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!


Hopefully she will be a Catholic/ Christian singer, that music seems to really suit her voice!!

They may decide not to keep her because of her views, sadly…

Devout catholics and pro-lifers are unfortunately the enemies of popular culture.

That is a good point. I will be watching closely for signs of bias in that regard.

An even more interesting development would be to see if she takes advantage of being on the world stage to subtly reflect her strong and obvious affirmations of God and her pro-life philosophy. This could be done by simply selecting certain pro-life songs and wearing Christian jewelry, etc. She would have to be very careful not to play that card too soon or too heavily though. It is a wonderful opportunity, I think. She seems to be a very smart kid who is very mature for her age. I wonder if she gets it…

I will be curious to see how America perceives her if she makes it to the voting stages , where the judges can’t just boot her off because they don’t like her.

Yeah, that’s true. I guess I’m just thinking of the kid who said he was a virgin and wore a chastity ring. He probably just brought that info out too early, which was his undoing.

I remember her…from the auditions in Boston. Good singer, I hope she does well.

I hope she will do well, and that is good to hear. I still do not really care for American Idol though. In fact I have never watched an episode of it and I still do not have plans to change that fact.

That’s great for her personally. However, if she makes it through to the viewer voting portion of American Idol, she will either earn my vote or not based on her singing ability, not our common religion. The show is, after all, a singing competition.

We need to be in pop culture to change it. If we just ignore it, It’ll get more and more corrupt.

I hope she does great. I’m not a fan of the show-but good luck to her!

In my opinion, there really is an emerging Catholic pop culture. I increasingly find sites like catholicmusicnetwork.com and spiritandsong.com to be loaded with talented young artists. They have literally hundreds of Catholic musicians now, I have a half dozen I buy regularly. That is one of the positive elements of the internet, is that it is increasingly easy to seek your own, whether it is Catholic Music, Catholic fiction, etc… it is now easier to find.:thumbsup:

I posted my previous post on this subject the day I sprained my ankle and had to go to the hospital for x rays. What was on tv in the waiting room? American Idol. Now luckly for me they only had me in the waiting room for a short time (a minute or two) before taking me into a room.

God works in mysterious ways. :slight_smile:

Watching the video clips of her and her family and then to enjoy listening to her sing was awesome. I wish her the best.

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