A different dimension of christ's teachings!


(This article may be considered controversial and thoroughly condemned by conservative minded. It explains us the progressive and liberating ideas contained in Jesus’s teachings that might be still applicable to today’s world)
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How so? Do you think political conservatives hate the poor for some reason?


The nature of responses to my last post which highlighted the plight of children separated from their undocumented immigrant parents!:joy:


Who says that all immigrants are poor?

Stereotype much?

Additionally, having a respect for the rule of law of a country and asking others to do the same is far different that hating the poor…

If conservatives did hate the poor so much, why would they give more to charity than any other political bloc?


The Church is neither conservative or liberal in its teachings. I have high regard for the poor and I try my best to help them. Illegal immigration and immigration are separate issues and have many complications. I don’t really know what I can do about that. Christ’s teachings on the poor are not really a surprise (aren’t they well-known?) and some of it is even in the Old Testament,


Note the below quote from the article!
(If we put God first, then a host of other people and institutions that demand priority are going to impose consequences.)


Which article?

What do you mean?


The link I mentioned bro.:joy:


The Catholic Church has a lot of charities and religious orders dedicated to the poor and sick. What institutions are they talking about?


My bad haha.

But, additionally, to call it Jesus’s Political agenda may be a bit strong… let’s remember, Jesus himself said that His kingdom is not of this world…

I’d call this article a bit more of a social agenda


The Catholic Church has a lot of charities and religious orders dedicated to the poor and sick.
Thats true indeed!


My, OP, aren’t you on a roll with all your spamming!


If you say so you might think that Rosary is spam because it is repeated prayer! What do u mean by spamming in this context??


That’s actually a good point. :thinking:


You seem to have completely overlooked the fact that unfit parents are the cause of the problem! Oh, they shed crocodile tears for the cameras, triggering the emotions of the progressive left. But they subjected their children to all of this! Knowingly. For cash.

Talk about child abuse.

It’s OK f you restrict your reading to those viewpoints, however fringe they may be, that you agree with.

But, you will not be well-rounded in the faith.


That is why I said in the beginning that this might be controversial to some like you!


Both Left and Right are extremes, Its better to be in between!


It is a sexist, women only site. I oppose sexism in all of its ugly forms.

And it represents the most secular, liberal and progressive wing of…


Good grief.


The Catholic Church is the only - the only - Church which absolutely, unfailingly demands that the dignity of woman be upheld.

Beginning with the Blessed Mother of all Christians, Mary.


The St. James Epistle - not in the canon of the Evangelium - was however decisive for one great difference between Catholic and Evangelic sight of Holy Mary. Fact is, that Luther’s verdict over The St. James Epistle was devastating. He called it a Straw Epistle, and from then on the verdict was spoken. NOT WORTH WHILE READING!
The other effect was, the all the closer loving devotion of Catholics to Holy Mary. Surprising, for all protesters, protestants, reformers or whatever they are called were Catholics, they sure had that devotion and outmost veneration and honoring of Holy Mary.

Many say that veneration of Holy Mary, is a completely secondary aspect of faith.
However, it is not because Mary did have a child, which then grew up in an outstanding wisdom and strength, even able to teach the scribes as a child. Jesus the infant wasn’t any Child, nor brother to any further Child of Holy Mary. he who thinks Holy Mary did have other children, has no idea of Holy Mary, who was involved in the incarnation of God - the Son of God. This was communicated to her by God the Father himself, by His supreme Angel Gabriel.

Brosters or other siblings of Jesus are lovingly recalled to belittle and bring into derision Holy Mary’s perpetual virginity. Our Church of course and for good reasons so, never saw in James and other Saints, physical siblings of Jesus - see RCC 400. St. James’ mother was either a sister or a close relative of the Blessed Virgin, and for that reason, according to custom of the time, he was called Brother of the Lord as so many are named „Brother of Christ“. James is the son of Zebedee, and together with his brother John, by Christ named as the „Thunder-Sons“ as both where rather „thundering“. Mark 3,17.

Could it be even be possible for the world to ignore the recipient of any little message from God? Here, in Holy Mary’s case, it even was not „only" a direct message of God as many Prophets received, but it was the announcement of the incarnation of Jesus directly from God - God the Father for His begotten Son Jesus Christ, who was God in God even before His human birth, during His human childhood and adolescence even then, as He was and lived before all times.
OK my English fails here, but any language fails to describe what here actually happened. To this Holy Virging a well as to the World.

continued below:

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