A different NFL player. A different Gun. Do you feel the same?

Interesting, in the wake of a NFL player caught with a gun in a nightclub, here is another player with a gun.

I have to wonder if the NFL players feel they are targets for criminals because the NFL has a policy that players are strongly advised not to have guns and if criminals are aware of that these players, who lead flamboyant lifestyles, may simply be easy targets for criminals.

While I generally would have guessed that LARGE ATHLETIC men might be hard targets for criminals, if they are known to be disarmed, then maybe they are actually easy targets?

I think when the story broke about NFL player Plaxico Burress accidently shot himself in the leg that most people thought he was wrong to have a gun (although Burress previously had a CCW permit that had recently expired)

[INDENT]A Different Giant. A Different Gun. Do You Feel the Same?
December 3, 2008
Did Plaxico Burress know about the robbery of the Giants’ Steve Smith? (Ray Stubblebine/Reuters)

Several news media outlets reported Tuesday that Giants receiver Steve Smith was robbed by a man carrying a gun outside his New Jersey townhouse last week.
[INDENT]From the Associated Press:

According to Clifton, N.J., police, second-year receiver Steve Smith was robbed at gunpoint in the early hours of Nov. 25 after arriving home. Smith had just returned to his townhouse in a chauffer-driven car when he was approached from behind by man who held a gun to Smith’s head, Clifton police Capt. Robert Rowan said. “He said to him, ‘Give me everything you got,’ and Mr. Smith turned over his jewelry and money and cell phone,” Rowan said Tuesday.

That incident took place three days before his teammate and fellow receiver Plaxico Burress brought a loaded gun to a Manhattan club
Story continues, please see link above to New York Times…[/INDENT][/INDENT]

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