A different trumpet (spirit)

For years read the bible and saw that Jesus tells us that if we have the faith the size of a mustard seed then we can move mountains.
I thought "why would he tell us we can move mountains??? stupid ,or,He had some other thing in mind Hey He might have meant move obstacles in our spiritual way and then also human way. I guessed that that was what Jesus meant. So, I thought the wind was annoying my finishing my work, so I rebuked it and it stopped. OK maybe, latter I tried it again then I started on rain, mmm it seems to work. I told mates and some came with ailments I prayed, they were healed. There was no stopping healing or miracles, or the kinds of healings all over the land people started to talk about this person. Year after year the same healing and miracles, word of knowledge, in the Catholic Church and in other churches.

Our Lord told me He wished me to become more in line with “contemplative” relationships. I didn’t really know how to relate to that and with help from some of you and others I gained a strong grip on contemplation. The relics of St Therese came to New Zealand and a wind from it so strong almost knocked me over. This gave me a new realisation of the “little way” which came upon me, a new desire to love. Contemplation showed me (I thought) that I no longer needed miracles, or creating them in God’s name. But I soon learned what God was teaching me some thing more, and it was balance in God’s spiritual gifts.

After a miracle and Gods providence I was given the chance to see family in Brisbane Australia. While there, people started talking about there being no rain for 3 ½ months, I never thought any more than poor them, but the more they spoke about it the stronger the desire to claim a miracle in God’s name charged me to speak out. While walking with the men down the street one night I spoke out claiming rain in the name of Jesus within a certain time. It came, some one said it was too strong and that it would flood since the earth was too dry to take it in. I prayed that in an amount of time it stops for an amount of time, it did. Then I prayed that it come back for a certain amount of time gently, and it did at the precise time.
I thought about it and asked our Lord how come He allowed this to happen, and He just said that He was teaching me that there is a place for both miracle and contemplation, but they need to be used in balance not haphazardly. Well that was a big learning for me, not so much that there are places for both but the nature I and maybe some others use gifts of the Spirit.
I just wanted to share that God’s balance is appropriate even when we are given these gifts.
I don’t mind if you comment at all, you are welcome.
God bless

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