A doctor on why patients lie to their physicians


A doctor on why patients lie to their physicians: abcn.ws/22WQlgI


People should watch* House MD*.


Thanks for posting this, Gilliam, it’s an important subject.:slight_smile: It underscores how crucial it is to find a physician who one actually trusts, and it’s vital that doctors understand this as well. I don’t know whether this point is addressed in medical school, but I would hope that it is. I think it’s also clear that gentle, empathic people who foster a sense of safety and trust and genuine goodness in others probably make the best physicians for this exact reason. Those are the people who are natural born healers. Young people who possess these qualities would seem to be the best possible candidates for a career in medicine, in my view.


Or, better, Doc Martin.

If the Colonials had got whipped in 1776, Dr. Gregory House would have been Dr. Martin Ellingham.


Interesting and entertaining.


Except of course the actor who plays House is actually also British, just putting on an American accent. :smiley:


One thing I’ve heard of is parents lying to pediatricians, bit not about medical issues, rather choices regarding family culture that don’t affect health or safety. I’ve been very blessed that my boys have a wonderful pediatrician, but once I visited a NP in the practice, and she was incredibly nosy about non-medical matters and told me essentially that I was a bad mother. If I got stuck with her on another visit, you bet it’d be tempting to lie. Though I’m much more confident about my parenting now so maybe I’d be truthful AND give her the what-for. :smiley:

It’s very hard to stand up to the medical establishment even when it’s necessary.


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