A dream about Mary


I had a dream about Mary a few years ago, which went like this:

I saw Our Lady standing among tall green grass, enwrapped in a golden brillance that shone from her body. She wore a white garment, tied at the waist by a gold sash, and over it, a blue mantle. She was smiling, her palms joined at the bosom, pointed up. Than she lifted her mantle and I saw underneath it many black children, and white children, and children from India, Russia, Lebanon, the Americans, and many other nations. I pointed to them and asked her, “Who are they?” She laughed and said, “These are all my children. Pray for them. You are their keeper.” I asked her why me and she replied, “Because My Son gave you to me, and all these little ones too. You are brothers. Pray for them.”

Than I saw Our Lady in heavenly glory, wrapped in a golden mantle with roses all over it, and a large crown on her head. She was beside her Son, who shined with divine glory, Himself wrapped in a red mantle and wearing a triple crown, like the kings of old. They were in Heaven, looking down on Earth, and Mary pointed to each nation and asked Jesus, “Can I have this one?” And for each nation He answered, “Yes, Mother, it is yours. What is My Father’s is Mine and what is Mine is yours.” Than she pointed to each and every person in the world and asked, “Is this one mine?” To which her Son answered at each person, “Yes, that one is also your child. I have given you to him as his Mother and I haven given him to you as your son.” Than after mankind was countered, Jesus seemed to say, “I am God and Man, the Lord and the New Adam. Because all are in Me, all are yours, Mother. Because I redeemed all, all are yours. Because I created all, all are yours.”

Than I saw Our Lady visiting a number of nations, because they belonged to her. And than I woke up.


More recently I had another weird dream, similar to the rat one. In it, I was with a man dressed in white and I saw people being eaten by hoards of rats. I asked him what was going on and he replied, “The rats are sin.” I said I didn’t understand and he replied, “Death is the wage of sin. These people are now reaping what they sowed.”

Than the Cloverfield monster appeared overhead.

I have some of the weidest dreams.


These are some powerful dreams! The first one is full of great hope, the second is harsh justice and begs for prayer…

peace and blessings,


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