A dream of peace

A man in a long white garment led me down a hallway with many doors, and above each door was an inscription of a religion: Buddhism, Judaism, Taoism, etc. He led me to a door that said Islam on it and took out a key, and opened the door. I was led into a small room and there was a family inside it, a mother, father, and child.

“Give these to them,” the man instructed, handing me a cross and a book.

So I did. Than they took out a crescent and a book, and handed them both to me.

“There is going to be peace in the Middle East,” the man said.

“Will there be peace between the other religions too?” I asked.

“I do not know,” he replied (I assume it was because he hadn’t come to tell me)

Than he handed me the key and asked:

“Do you know what this is?”

“I don’t know, sir,” I answered.

“This key is human rights.”

“But I thought we would be brought together by faith,” I protested.

“No, no. There are some things which can’t be reconciled.”

I became sad at that, but than the man said:

“Do not worry, God’ is going to reconcile. His Will cannot be stopped.”

“Should I close the door after I go, sir?”

“No! This door (he pointed to it) must remain open, or else there will never be peace.”

“But I thought you said there will be peace.”

“God will make sure the door remains open, even as many people attempt to shut it.”

Than I saw many people trying to shut the door on either side of it, but it wouldn’t close.

Than the dream ended.

You may make of it what you will. Dreams are phantoms, but it gave me some peace.

What did you make of it?

I think it’s a puzzle. Most dreams are when it concerns things of the future, whether true or false.

If I were a christian, I suppose I would liken the open door to the Holy Spirit?
This is a much better dream than I had a few nights ago! :o

Peace is a good thing to wish, dream about, or if a believer pray for. I have thoughts about peace now more than ever before. And thoughts about how I could be more peaceful myself.

Thank you for sharing that interesting dream.

That does seem like a dream that would give one peace. Thank you for posting your dream experience. I wish there were more posts about personal experiences, because I believe that they are potentially more instructive for the contemplative life than simply reorganizing the form of dogmas.

Peace begins with a smile :slight_smile:

What is a form of dogmas?



Must be a smile for the nice and even the not so nice days of summer.

And for dreams, and that we keep having them.

Form is simply how something is said. Most people do not present what they learn through experience. They simply repeat dogmatic statements that they learned by rote.

You really know something well if it is demonstrated through your own experience. Many people desire experience but do nothing about it…

Or don’t know how?

I have tried to, and am still ammenable to learning.

For instance, I am getting better every day. But, I am just healing. I did not pray for healing. But, I am getting better every day.

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