"A Drink a Day Raises Women's Risk of Cancer, Study Indicates"

“A Drink a Day Raises Women’s Risk of Cancer, Study Indicates”

Going outside probably increases the chances of a chicken falling on your head but that would probably rather depend on the incidence of chickens and high winds in your area.

In other words, rational decisions really rather depend on incidence levels of risk. Is the increase from 1 in a million to 2 in a million or from 1 in ten to two in ten? Is the risk of breast cancer increased in those with low incidence in the family as well as high incidence in the family?

I’m not much of a drinker, by the way, just rather cynical about ‘studies’ ‘announced’ in newspapers.

It is confusing because, one day the experts say drinking red wine is good for you, but the next day the experts say that it is bad for you?

I am gonna flat out and say it.

It looks like they are trying to find any excuse the can to discount the link between breast cancer and abortions.

Yes, it says any type of cancer, but that is to mask their real agenda which is the Culture of Death.

There’s been evidence for a long time that alcohol consumption raises estrogen levels in women & can increase the risk of breast cancer.
The study does not diminish the research between a breast cancer /abortion link.

But you know the Culture of Death will use it that way just to justify their position

How’s that? Pretty much they just ignore it.

I guess Joe Jackson was right after all.

This is bull. Every week they come out with new “shocking” studies, and then a few months later they say never mind. The coffee and tea scare a few years ago comes to mind. They just can’t get a big enough study group to make it valid.

Well, I think they had over a million women in this study.
The basic premise is that alcohol consumption raises estrogen levels.Studies seem to show that breast cancer risk is connected to higher estrogen levels, especially in older women.Anything that changes hormone levels needs to be looked at closely re. breast cancer.

I can just see this as a “Herman” cartoon. The newspaper with this head line laying on the floor and Herman grinning from ear to ear as he’s pouring his wife a drink who’s sitting in the next room watching TV.

My aunt died of breast cancer and she was a severe alcoholic. So this certainly is not news to me.

I’m sorry to hear that bruno.:frowning:

I’m not much of a drinker…I just can’t handle even wine, although I love a glass now and again…I think I’m allergic to the sulphates…spelling? I have such a headache the next day. :frowning: I think that one drink a day…causing cancer though…I thought one glass of red wine was somewhat beneficial?

It depends on what exactly your talking about. It sounds like its benificial for heart disease, but not so much for cancer. Part of the problem with these stories in the mass media is it is hard to pin down the significance of the risk.

I guess for the matter, I wouldn’t be surprised if people who eat more tend to have a greater cancer risk, due to the increased number of free radicals during the break down of food.

BMI (higher of course) is linked to certain cancers. I thought it was interesting to read the other day, that colon cancer can be diminished, by like 40% by exercising regularly. Breast cancer risk is higher also if one is overweight, but there are a variety of other mitigating variables that can elevate the risk…

I do like a nice glass of red wine now and again, but the headaches I get make it not worth it…

This really is if a woman drinks DAILY. Not the occasional glass of wine with dinner or something…or spiked nog at Christmas.:wink: Everything in moderation. It’s balance that we’ve gotten away from in our society.

that’s weird because when i did some research on super-centenaarians (live over age 110) almost all of them drank alcohol on a regular basis… some whiskey, some wine, some beer. True, i didn’t study more than maybe 30 cases… but, well, how many people live that long anyway?

hmmm… i don’t get it… and i am not going to give up whiskey in my cappaccinno… forget it.

I have a hard time believing that info…

One of the guys i studied was 116 and had drank beer every day of his life since who knows when… (true, he didn’t say when he started but it seemed to be implied it was a “long” time)…
beer has a lot of B vitamins… and hps and etc…

I’m not going to give up drinking a glass of Merlot now and then. :irish3: :irish2: There are a lot of benefits to drinking red wine.

me neither… I love Merlot.

Port wine is good too… though haven’t had any in awhile (kinda sweet)… The woman who lived to be 122 drank port…

no, i don’t really want to live to be 122… although i believe God wants us to take good care of what he has given us…

actually, i sometimes wish i wuold go NOW… want to be with Jesus…

but anyway, i won’t go a rant about how awful this world is (who is president and all that…:()…

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