"A drink (glass) of water"


Somewhere the Lord says that we would be rewarded if we even just gave someone a cup of water.

I tend to look at this verse as saying that even the poorest of us has something to give and that we ought to do it, not that we should be cheap or stingy about helping others. There’s a role for all of us to act out.


True. And not to worry about whether we’re doing more than others or not. Same as the parable of the poor widow giving only two pennies.

I see similar with the miracle at Cana. I mean Jesus could have produced wine out of thin air but made the servants go through the labour of filling the jars with water and so on.

It was a way of showing that we need to make at least some gesture of faith, and give a little trusting God to multiply our efforts.


Mark 9:41 “ For truly, I say to you, whoever gives you a cup of water to drink because you bear the name of Christ, will by no means lose his reward.”

I’m sure we are rewarded for our small kindnesses, perhaps we grow our capacity and stimulate our ability to love when we do such things, that would be instant reward.
The context alters the meaning a little maybe? The disciples have been discussing the activities of an exorcist unattached to their group who has been casting out demons in the name of Our Lord and whether to forbid this stranger from doing so. Our Lord says no, it’s fine. It’s well worth reading Mark 9:38-41 I think it is revealing as ever.


Every act is measured by the love applied to it. No love, no reward.

I remember St Mother Teresa once said “even if you peel potatoes beautifully (with all your heart) God will be pleased with you”


Do you think this is because a person who develops love is converging on compatibility with God? That makes it seem as though our lives here are merely given to us as an opportunity to form eventual oneness with God doesn’t it? What is your view?


The above passage in the gospel of Mark tells us that Our Lord said that any act of kindness done in His name will be rewarded and that reward is permanent, I believe.


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