A dumb question about the office of deacon


There is a long story behind this question that I would rather not get into but -
Can deacons date, and get into relationships?


Unmarried men at the time of ordination to the diaconate take a vow of celebacy. Accordingly, they may not marry. They can have “friends” but any “relationship” that would be considered to be designed to be a path to marriage would be improper. Obviously, they must remain chaste if they are unmarried.

Same is true for men who are married at the time of ordination but subsequently enter an unmmarried state i.e. wife passes away.

So, althought I think you have intentionally worded your question “gently”, if I understand what you are asking, the short answer is NO


Thank you. That gives me food for thought.


While it does not change the answer to the OP’s question, is it not a promise, rather than a vow, of celibacy which a deacon makes?


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