A fake photo of Emma González went viral on the far right, where Parkland teens are villains

The right actually does far better with social media, which is why the leftist corporations are trying to silence them. This girl is a villain in so far as she wants to take away our gun rights. Surviving a mass shooting doesn’t give you the right to endanger more lives.


If you step out into the public limelight, you are opening yourself up to this. It happens on both sides of every issues by people of all political stripes.

It bothers me only when people not making the choice to be in the limelight are vilified, such as small children whose parents make the decision. That is most certainly not the case here.

You do see the difference between “taking away our gun rights” and “taking away our guns”, don’t you?

I am a gun owner, and don’t set up in bed nights with my guns at my side anticipating the government coming to get what I already legally own.

No I don’t see the difference. What you legally own can suddenly be illegal. I don’t sit in bed at night worrying but I also know there are plenty of people who do want the government to take people’s guns. If they aren’t opposed they may get their way.


Well, we seem to be on the same page…because if you don’t, you have no concerns about firmer background checks (even in private sales), and age restrictions, or the Trump initiative in the DOJ to eliminate bump stocks…see there is room for consensus!

I oppose all those, except age which should be tied to voting, because they are simply unconstitutional. Any law is an infringement on our right. Any law is taking away our gun rights.

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Fair enough. Nothing wrong for standing for what you believe in, as long as you are willing to face larger consequences, like the loss of the Senate (and possibly the House) in 2018, and loss of the WH in 2020…for those who are “one Trick Ponies”, whether it is gun control or other social issues, that is a decision they have to make…but when they are uncompromising, they can’t blame the shift in power on the boogey man of the left…they will have done it themselves.

You mistakenly think I’m a partisan Republican. You mistakenly think I believe Republicans actually fight for our constitutional rights (in my state many do but nationally they are pretty useless). You mistakenly think I don’t see where we are headed as a country regardless of who wins political office.


By “does far better”, you mean fabricates lies that spread quickly. Yes, I’d agree with that.

A day or two ago you criticized the Constitution, and pined for the days of the Articles of Confederation.

Squaring your circle must be very very hard.

Same here, I see the difference.

I find people on the right are much more likely to buy into dubious political soundbites/memes online. It’s probably a function of the average age being higher and less sophistication with the internet.

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the devil is in the details. how do you enforce private sales background checks?

how will a private sale background check stop any criminal from getting a gun since it is already illegal to sell to a criminal?

as opposed to the tide pod group and fake news watchers.


Tide pod eaters are just idiots. I don’t know that that has any political connection. As to “fake news”, we could do ten hours on that alone and whether it’s a legitimate term or just a way to handwave away unwelcome facts.

For the record I should say I’m not a leftist. But I’d say 75% of the time I see people suckered into some dumb hoax like Pizzagate, it’s people on the right.


Certainly not by throwing our hands in the air, lamenting “its so hard, there is nothing we can do!”

That is because people on the right actually want to stop ritual child abuse. The left gets suckered into thinking men can marry men and that a man can transform into a woman.

And thank God for that or we’d never have yokels charging into pizza places with semiautomatic rifles. The horror.

pushing feel-good legislation is doing nothing!

this is the same group being used by the left to push gun control.

yes, we could.
looking at how they staged the news, it is a reality.

have you seen the videos of the antifa rallies where antifa attendees are asked to explain their positions, most don’t have a clue about the subject.

it isn’t a left vs right, it is the age group in general.

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Because this is the only legislation offered by the party in power…aka Rubio

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