A fan of Francis I?

The pinnacle of irony:

My BIL is Jewish, relatively agnostic, very Liberal (Progressive?), campaigned for Obama since before Obama decided to run in '08, lives in the northeast, went to prestigious schools through med school–in sum, he’s the archetypical northeast liberal elitist.

I’m getting most of my news about Pope Francis’ interviews from my brother-in-law’s Facebook posts. It’s almost as if BIL is having a crisis of non-faith, because he finds himself liking the HF.

Maybe some good will come of it. Regardless of whether or not the MSM is misinterpreting, or mistranslating–I’ll leave that for the theological pundits to sort out–Francis might be inadvertently opening a dialogue between our families that had been terse even at the best of times.

Except for the agnostic part, I fit the profile of your BIL and also like Pope Francis. That is not surprising since Jews like pontiffs whom they perceive as good to the Jewish people and good men in general. Pope Francis appears to be a caring, compassionate person. Glad the Pontiff is inadvertently helping your family heal.

BTW, I think you’ll need a news article to remain posted.

Oops. Thanks.


I’m not entirely sure of BIL’s agnostic status. I think “unobservant” is probably a better description. Or, ‘observes certain holy days but doesn’t attend regular services.’

The equivalent of the “Easter Orthodox” and “Christmas Catholic” :slight_smile:

Yes, could be that.

The thing is, I don’t dislike BIL. I don’t know him well because we rarely see each other. There’s always been a tension, though. I get the sense that because I’m not a northeast liberal elite I am therefore a Fox News conservative. Which I am most assuredly not. :smiley:

That’s good to hear. :thumbsup: Truly, I think this is one of Francis’ major goals. If you look at the recent talk he gave to catechists, he says that he far prefers a Church that has accidents than one who remains closed off and gets sick because of it.

This is exactly what he has been doing. He is going out there, granting interviews to atheists and such. Some Catholics criticize his approach because of the “accidents” that result with the media misinformation. But Francis just keeps on putting himself out there and trying to build bridges. I think that – over the long term – this will do much good.

My Jewish sibs love Pope Francis. No surprise there.

Pope Francis is also very Hebrew Catholic in so many ways. Being a Hebrew Catholic myself, I can recognize some of the behaviors and attitudes. Which is interesting in itself, because I think his family is Catholic. I know they were Italian immigrants, but that doesn’t meant anything. There are many Italian Jews.

Eastern Orthodox and non-practicing Catholics are the same to you?:confused:

Easter not Eastern -meaning the Orthodox who attend at Easter and not throughout the year.

Haha, thanks to the clarification.

A true fan of HH Francis would know that there is no “I” after the name. There won’t be until there is a Francis II.


I guess you’re right!

There was no World War I until there was a World War II.

Yes, it was called The Great War and “The War to end all Wars.” A little premature for THAT title!

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