A few cooking ?s


i’m getting into freezing meals but still puzzled on whether i should try to thaw them in the freezer first or just cook from frozen. which is best. i have a lasagna in the freezer now that i’d like to cook on wednesday. if i put it straight in the oven what would the time and temp be?

another ?
i bought my first ham to make tomorrow. i thought it would fit in the crock pot but it doesn’t. i am so nervous about it being dry that i’m considering cutting it down and putting it in the crock pot. should i be nervous about it coming out dry? i bought one of those sauce injector packs to use…


Not sure about the lasagna, but I think you can cook it from frozen. People do it all the time with the store bought ones.

The ham. I usually put it in a fairly deep pan and with a cover, or use foil to cover it. I dump a can of coke over it (helps take out the salty flavor I think) and make a glaze with pinaplles and brown sugar in the blender. Turns our really good.


The web is a wonderful place. Here’s a website devoted to making frozen meals. It has a link with a number of recommended books:


Off the top of my head, I’d say that a frozen lasagna would take 1-1.5 hours in the oven depending on size (look at the instructions on a Stouffer’s lasagna in the frozen food section to get an idea of how you should cook yours). In the microwave, it would be about 10-15 minutes.

Just cook it in the oven following a standard baked ham recipe from a reputable source like Southern Living, Food Network, Better Homes & Gardens, etc.

It should be fine.

If you are really concerned put it in one of those disposable oven roasting bags.

I am unfamiliar with using a sauce injector with a ham.

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