A few Doubts

Hi, during this past week i have been having emotional doubts or mental doubts about God’s existence, i would go over miracles hear intellectual arguments for His existence yet even when i have sufficient reason to believe he exists the doubts remain. Any prayers or advice would be greatly appreciated!(i am going on retreat this weekend so anything to sort of ponder would be good)

If it makes you feel any better I have these same doubts from time to time and I have no real advice for you, just letting you know somewhere out there feels as you do. Having faith in something that isn’t tangible is hard, and trying to reiterate faith with stories or miracles based on that exact faith makes it even more hard. I’m looking forward to seeing others answers, but in the meantime know that your not alone and I’m praying for you!

I have felt the same way on and off in my life (32 years cradle Catholic). This may sound silly, but it worked for me. I just talk to God and tell him that I am questioning whether or not he exists. I have also asked Mary. I just talk to them in my head (like the same way that you say prayers). I feel like I have always gotten a response. It is not really asking for a sign, exactly, but asking for faith. And I don’t think that questions or statements like that make God mad. I think that he welcomes them and he will give you the faith that you need.

I think that some people may be “scared” to do that. Kind of like you are putting God to the test. But you are not. Just asking and sharing what is in your heart… which God already knows anyway.


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