A few question about Catholic Relics


I have come across several Threads that discuss about Catholic Relics. I’m aware that “First Class Relics” are kept in the Church (or at least I think) I have to admit I’m a bit confused since I saw this:


I would like to know how does one get a Catholic Relic? How do you know if it is legit?

I came across this website. Do you think it’s legit?


A website about Catholic Relics:


Thank you for your help and God bless,


It’s illegal to sell 1st Class relics. If someone has one, it was probably donated or a gift. It’s rare to see someone have one outside of the clergy. 2nd and 3rd class relics can be sold. I think the website looks legit. But, don’t take my word for it.



2nd and 3rd class relics can be sold.

No relic can be sold. Period.


Second class relics can’t be sold!


First, I was under the impression that anything blessed can’t be sold.

Second, I’ve been concerned for years after obtaining numerous First Class Relics in Rome - amazing ones. I had read about a Church (sorry, can’t remember the name, hard as I try) - where they could be obtained. On a trip there, I went. Some (of saints), I received on site for a donation (can’t recall if the donation amount was named.) One, which sounded too good to be resisted, had to be mailed to me later.
(1) Relic of the True Cross (a splinter); (2) a piece of Our Lady’s Veil - very tiny.

(It should be noted that I obtained a First Class Relic of now St. John Neumann - at another time in Philadelphia where he was during his lifetime - but this was before his canonization.)

Everything came with appropriate documentation. But while I don’t want to commit sin by doubting, I wonder how a piece of the True Cross would be allowed in the hands of the laity - anyone except the Church. I still have all of the above. God forgive me, I’m not doubting - just wondering - I can’t recall if a price was given or a donation requested.

Further, in later years, visiting Pietrelcina, I was given a small piece of cloth said to be part of one of St. Padre Pio’s gloves. (he wasn’t canonized then) Our supposition was it’s very possible that those who washed his gloves might have kept some, in light of his sanctity on earth, unless otherwise received. Authentic? Do we dare doubt? I don’t want to - but I, too, worry about the money issue mentioned above in Rome.


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