A few questions about keeping the Lord's Day holy

Obviously, we need to make it a point to spend time with our families on Sundays, though are we allowed to spend some time away from our families – as in being with our friends, or just some alone time with ourselves?

Also, the Catechism states that we are to refrain from activities hindering the performance of acts of mercy (among other things) on Sunday. What exactly would hinder performance of acts of mercy, and how frequently should we be performing acts of mercy on Sunday?

Finally, at what extent of our actions do we begin to violate the Third Commandment? Is it only when we deliberately avoid keeping the Lord’s Day holy, with knowledge that we must?

Now I have a question for you: The church teaches that the 7th day is a day of obligation. When and why does missing that 7th day of obligation become a mortal sin.? Just wondering about what your answer will be.

Second question: Shouldn’t we be trying to do little acts of mercy-charity every day including Sundays? A small amt. of time in prayer for the souls for the dead and souls in purgatory would also be an act of mercy, esp on a Sunday would be an “act” of mercy, too. Just wondering how you will respond.
Prayers for you.

How about getting drunk or smoking pot on a Sunday ( pot is legal in some places) which would certainly hinder your performance. ( not talking about a glass of wine with dinner)

Can’t stop drinking for one Day - you have a problem

How frequently - as they are revealed to you and within your means

Jesus also told us to use common sense - if your oxen is stuck in the mud you don’t wait until the next day to help the poor animal - you help it out of the mud as soon as you can.

The Sabbath was made for man - man was not made for the sabbath.

I would say going to work instead of Church when you don’t need to would be breaking the sabbath - if you are poor and have no choice you have to do what you have to do to survive to feed your family. You are not expected to starve yourself if you need to work to feed yourself and family.

You use common sense - there are things that need to be done and there are things that can wait for tomorrow.

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The Church makes no regulations. Use common sense.

That is up to your discretion.

The Church does not regulate the Lord’s Day in such a manner. This is something that you must discern.

I suppose I didn’t realize the extent of freedom we have in keeping Sunday holy.

To Mary, I’d say if we make no time or effort to genuinely observe the Lord’s Day, and/or if we engage in activities that can’t reasonably remind us of/strengthen our faith, then we’re violating the Commandment. The same applies with efforts to make acts of mercy.

When I read that we are to avoid activities that would hinder performing acts of mercy, I was worried that alone-time activities like naps would be prohibited (as we’re not helping others), though I suppose it’s the general effort to perform these acts throughout the day that counts…rather than constantly doing so.

Thanks to all of you for your inputs.

Naps are fine…

And I do not think that one ought to read meaning that one is say obliged to look for acts of mercy per se on the Lords Day to do…per se.

In other words ones Lords Day today may have looked something like this: Mass of course, time alone in prayer. Or Mass and time reading Sacred Scripture and a visit to a museum with friends. Or Mass and time reading Sacred Scripture and time with ones Family and a nice nap…etc etc

As to sinning…remember too that there is parvity (smallness) of matter here ( Mass obligation of course though is a serious (grave) matter.).

It’s getting harder and harder to find a job where you’re not expected to work weekends, and there’s much less respect for Sundays than there used to be. If I said I wouldn’t work Sundays I’d be out of a job :frowning:

Where I am, there’s also a really scarcity of evening Masses being held late enough for working people to get to them. The vigil Mass is really tight, and if something falls during the week I can forget it.

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