A few questions about prayer

  1. Does the length of our prayers matter? If we don’t pray as much as another person are we less holy?

  2. Should we have an organized prayer life such as praying at the same times each day and saying the same prayers?

  3. If we normally pray at the end of the day but fail to because we are exhausted and/or sick, have we sinned, even in a venial way?

Thank you for your responses


You don’t need to say a single word in order to pray, even just the reaching out of your heart to God is valuable prayer.

It’s good to have a time set aside for prayer…but it can be informal or formal…and it’s good to pray any moment also that the sidier to speak to God, the desire to love Him, or the desire to ask Him for graces for yourself or others comes into your mind.

You can use formal prayers, but also speak to God any time in your own words!

You haven’t sinned if through sickness or tiredness you haven’t prayed as you usually intend before bed. If nothing else, just send a thought of thanks and praise to God before you fall asleep, and ask frogivenesssin your heart for any failure.

It is prayer to love Him. It is prayer for Him even to come into your thoughts momentarily.

God bless your good heart!


Here’s a great resource for your questions…rcspiritualdirection.blogspot.com/


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