A few questions to our fellow Jews about King Solomon.

The flying carpet of King Solomon, is it true?
When God appointed Solomon king over every created thing, He gave him a large carpet sixty miles long and sixty miles wide, made of green silk interwoven with pure gold, and ornamented with figured decorations. Surrounded by his four princes, Asaph b. Berechiah, prince of men, Ramirat, prince of the demons, a lion, prince of beasts, and an eagle, prince of birds, when Solomon sat upon the carpet he was caught up by the wind, and sailed through the air so quickly that he breakfasted at Damascus and supped in Media”.

And did he really talk to ants?
On another day while sailing over a valley where there were many swarms of ants, Solomon heard one ant say to the others, ‘Enter your houses; otherwise Solomon’s legions will destroy you.’ The king asked why she spoke thus, and she answered that she was afraid if the ants looked at Solomon’s legions they might be turned from their duty of praising God, which would be disastrous to them. She added that, being the queen of the ants, she had in that capacity given them the order to retire. Solomon desired to ask her a question; but she told him that it was not becoming for the interrogator to be above and the interrogated below. Solomon thereupon brought her up out of the valley; but she then said it was not fitting that he should sit on a throne while she remained on the ground. Solomon now placed her upon his hand, and asked her whether there was any one in the world greater than he. The ant replied that she was much greater; otherwise God would not have sent him there to place her upon his hand. The king, greatly angered, threw her down, saying, ‘Dost thou know who I am? I am Solomon, the son of David!’ She answered: ‘I know that thou art created of a corrupted drop [comp. Ab. iii. 1]; therefore thou oughtest not to be proud.’ Solomon was filled with shame, and fell on his face”.


Are there any authentic sources for the above other than that encyclopaedia?

It’s folklore.

But Muhammed used them in Quran! :confused:, it seems all the stories in Quran are superstitions :o.

Was his intention that everything should be taken literally? As opposed to being of interest/insight etc?

I say that because I was under the impression that a lot of the Qur’an was ‘poetic’.

It shouldn’t be “his” in the first place, it should be from God The Most High, because Quran words claimed to be written long back in the God’s Preserved Tablet (aka Alawhu Almahfuz) (Quran 85:21).
So if that’s true then those superstitions stories should be true.

I say that because I was under the impression that a lot of the Qur’an was ‘poetic’.

Yes indeed a human poetic.

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