A few questions

  1. I went to a RC mass this weekend where only 1 species was offered… first time I’ve seen that… the EO churches use that a complaint against RC church… what do EC’s say… does it really matter?

  2. I’ve seen a comment about the EO churches having beauty but no substance, i.e. no engaging the world outside of sunday’s DL… is there any validity to this?

  3. Right now I can’t take communion in the Catholic church because my marriage has not been convalidated. (I have being going to a Methodist church for past 7 years). I am trying to visit EO and EC churches – just difficult because most are 1 hour away – but assuming let’s say I fall in love with the EC church would I convalidated in that church would I in my RC church and then just attend the EC church?

1)Ultimately, it is a difference in tradition as far as I understand. What is at the heart of the matter is that Jesus is fully present, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity in both species. Jesus cannot be separated or broken into “parts.” It’s been my experience that distributing His Holy Blood at a RC Mass in the states has to do with the practical concerns of the size of the Parish and having enough Priests/Eucharistic Ministers. For example, my Parish has about 8,000+ families!!! The mass would be a lot longer if His Holy Blood was made available to everyone. But, down the road is a much smaller Parish, and they give under both Species. As far as the difference in Tradition between the EC/EO and RC Churches, I will leave that up to far more knowledgeable persons on this board. I don’t think that Eastern Catholics would have “issues” with it because again, it is a difference in tradition:shrug:. It comes down to this: if you receive His Precious Blood, you are receiving Jesus Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity. If you receive His Body, you are still receiving His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity.

2)That is a very broad generalization-it has about as much validity as any such broad generalization about any ethnic group or religion. We cannot judge the “substance” of a Church or Her members without knowing any of them personally. Even then, who are we to say that they have no substance. As Jesus said we should be known by our fruits. You can make the case that the beauty of the Churches and the Divine Liturgy will and can lead people to a greater love and relationship with Jesus. As a Roman Catholic, I love the feeling of the heavenly and divine whenever I have been in an Orthodox or Eastern Catholic Church. I have also had the same feelings in Roman Catholic Churches, and of course in my own Parish.

Well, I suppose I should have checked your profile. Are you a baptized Roman Catholic, that has fallen away? Were you married outside the Church? If yes to those, in the eyes of the Church, you would canonically be a Roman Catholic. You would have to have your marriage con-validated I believe. Also, what is your reasoning for visiting EC/EO Churches? I am only asking, not to be a jerk, but to understand if you believe the Lord is calling you to go there. If so, I believe you would have to have your marriage con-validated, be reconciled with the Catholic Church (Roman, assuming if you were baptized in it) and then, go through the process of changing your canonical enrollment to a specific Eastern Catholic Church.
I will pray for you on your Journey. God Bless,:thumbsup:

p.s. I hope I have answered, somewhat, you questions. If I am mistaken in any of my responses, I am sure my fellow Brothers and Sisters on the Forum will let you and me know

No, it really doesn’t matter as such. Receiving one specie is equivalent to receiving both. In the case where someone is unable (for whatever reason) to receive both, even the Orthodox will commune under one.

Not as far as I’m concerned. What is the expression “engaging the world” supposed to mean? It sounds to me like one of those stale catchphrases inspired by the dreaded “spirit of Vatican II” … :shrug:

A “returnee” would return automatically to his original Church. It is always possible to transfer Churches later on, but one is always allowed to participate and receive most Sacraments in any of them.


Most Bishops in the US advised their parishes to not offer the Precious Blood this winter during the H1N1 flu epidemic. My Latin Church parish just began offering the Precious Blood again 3 weeks ago, and another Catholic Church in my small town is not yet offering it again.

Are you in Dallas? I only see a Eritrean (Ge’ez) Catholic parish there. I travel about an hour, including finding parking, to get to my Byzantine Catholic Church, or to the Orthodox Church I go to when we don’t have Festal Vigils etc. at my ECC. It’s well worth the trip, tho the trip plus the bridge tolls do add up on special weeks with liturgies every night. :slight_smile: If you were Baptized in the Latin Church then your convalidation would be in that Church, Once your marriage is convalidated you can fully participate in any Catholic Church, Latin, EO, EC.

Congratulations on coming home.

How is this not seen as the most offensive thing in the world? The more sick people are getting, the more they need His Body and Blood. Disease does not come from the Chalice. The Blood of Christ does not become “infected” with various viruses. The only sickness that can come is if one partakes unworthily. Paul tells in Holy Scripture how this can even bring about death. To me, it seems that to have so little faith and awe for the Mysteries is what would bring about sickness in the diocese, not some kind of germs brought through common contact. His Mysteries are the fountain of immortality, and to degrade them in any way rapes the Mystery of its solemnity.

Dallas and it’s Burbs also have a Syro-Malankara parish:

St Mary’s Malankara Catholic
116 East Avenue D
Garland, TX 75040-7302
(972) 494-5356

and a Syro-Malabar parish:

St Thomas Syro-Malabar Catholic
4922 Rosehill Rd
Garland, TX 75043
(972) 303-7063

Great! They aren’t listed in the Byzcath Eastern & Oriental Catholic Directory . I’ll pass that on to the webmaster.

PUH-Lease. A person CAN get sick from sharing the Blood of Christ. I don’t see how that is offensive. Again, Christ is PRESENT completely, in BOTH His Blood and Body. Would you be offended if I didn’t receive the Blood if it was offered? Or, why do priests who are sick sometimes not give out Communion. Rapes is a strong term too. Please get your facts correct before posting…:shrug: Let’s not derail this thread though…

Are you saying viruses are only passed on to sinners? Or that faith will prevent people from becoming sick (regardless of medical evidence to the contrary)?

Someone needs to review the history of Heresies. Denying the full presence of Christ, (Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity) being fully present in each species of the eucharist is in fact heresy.

I trust you are merely not wording your thoughts well?

Whether such a person is in heresy is debatable. Whether or not they diverge from Catholic teaching is not.

According to the western Council of Trent. There is no equivalent definition in the Eastern Tradition.

One thing about the Eastern Tradition, it takes Christ’s words “Take, eat, all of you… take, drink, all of you…” seriously.

Dear brother Alethiaphile,

I’ve noticed that though the EO do not make as many definitions as the Westerns, they are certainly just as dogmatic about many things. I find it hard to believe that any Eastern will deny what brother Aramis stated.

[quote=]One thing about the Eastern Tradition, it takes Christ’s words “Take, eat, all of you… take, drink, all of you…” seriously.

The Latins take it seriously, too, but expressed in a different way. They deeply and seriously believe in the holiness of the Body and Blood, so strongly that their Tradition sought to avoid any needless sacrilege of the Holy Blood.


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