A few questions

1)How to have true repentance for sins,especially mortal ones?If one has true repentance for his wrong doings one wouldn’t fall into it again knowingly or at least make the best effort.

2)God doesn’t punish any one.But he sometimes allows us to suffer the consequence of the sin.Why would he allow one to suffer the consequence if he/she does not hurt any one else in the process of doing sin

3)I pray to God as I fear that he is going to punish me for all my sins.How to pray to God out of love rather than fear?

True repentance is often a process. sometimes it’s easy to be deeply regretful for some big action you should never have committed, other times its harder to accept that you shouldn’t have doe that.
Ask yourself: if I was faced with the same choice today, would I make the same decision? Do I believe I did the wrong thing, or do I not accept that?

Some sins are affected by a strong force of habit, or by other factors that lessen the will to resist. example may be:
Smoking & alcohol consumption: these are addictive and can be singfull depending on the circumstances
sins of impurity: these are very habitual for many people. Our society constantly tell us they are not sinful. It is very hard to live a pure chaste life.

The “7 Deadly Sins” are a traditional list not of sinfull actions, but of vices / states of mind that lead us to sinfull acts. It is very hard to repent of these mind-sets.

Ask God. Pray for Him to fill you with a spirit of Repentance.
If you need inspiration look at the lives of some of the Saints who converted late in their lives. look especially at St Augustin. He was a real “Prodigal Son” and a libertarian. There were many more who converted after years of sin.

The bible never says that God doesn’t punish anyone. On the contrary it says the opposite. It says that no-one will enter Heaven until they have paid the last iota of their debt.
He does offer to each of us his total forgiveness for our Sins. He has paid the ransom for us. He has made it possible for us to accept his judgment, pass through the Fires of His Judgment, Purge ourselves of our Pride, and Lust and other worldly sins and enter into his presence.
Some people will face him and be so filled with sin, and unwilling to accept His Forgivness that they will reject Him and cast themselves into the Pit, and out of His presence forever. The effect of that will be a torture that will never end far worse than the loving punishment they would have endured in being cleansed enough to enter His Presence.

The first Gifts God gave to us were the Gift of His Life - he breathed his own spirit into Adam and Eve. in Hebrew the words Spirit, Life and Breath are the same word.

Then He gave us FREE WILL. to not permit the world to suffer the consequences of our actions is to not give us Free Will.

I’m a Dad. I have a 1 year old and a 3 year old.
Now my 1 year old is too young to understand Cause-effect. I must protect her from her own actions. if I dont she can get badly hurt.

My 3 year old is different He is very much learning about consequences. If I never permit him to make any decisions I am not helping him or teaching him.
If I never punish him when he does something wrong I would be doing him a very great disservice.I would be creating a monster and unleashing a psychopath on the world.

If I warn him no to do something, and he then does it and a toy gets broken, or a piece of food becomes inedible, then he learns that:

  1. when Daddy says “No” it’s best to listen"
  2. If I do something wrong there is a price to be paid i may loose a toy by breaking it, I may ruin or spill some food I was enjoying.

So: God gave His Chosen People a list of strict rules and consequences when the Human Race was learning and growing up. It had a “Didactic” or Pedagoglogical" function… like how I’m teaching my children

We Christinas have a faith which is the fulfillment of the Convenant. We are meant to be able to stand on our own 2 feet. Aware of the consequences of our actions, and able to follow the “Law that is written on our hearts”
We have a Church who can help us to interpret and understand taht Law, and teach us how to educate our conscience… but there must be consequence for sin:

If I pick up a Gun and kill the man next door because I dont like how he looked at my wife… there is consequence for sin:
There may be a horrendous consequence for the sin or lustfull thoughts that I perceived in that man.
There is definitely a horrendous consequence for Him and his Family for My sin of Wrath and Murder.
There will inevitably be a horrendous consequence for me and my family when the Civil Law comes to get me.

Now: If I realise my mistake and repent. doing my best to make any reparations possible (for a start I would be liable to look after the other man’s widow and children) I can ask God to Forgive me.
Jesus will say Yes. He has paid that price. I can be forgiven and enter His Presence.
But that does not remove the consequences for the sins. the Death, the widowed wife. the fatherless children in 2 families.

Similarly in leading a lifetime of attachement to the World. in leading a lifetime of far more minor sins when I die I am likely to not be in a state of absolute transcendent Grace like we might imagine St. Teresa of Avila or St. John of the Cross to be. No I am a sinner. I have a lot of attachemnet to sins. Sins of impurity. Lack of self controll. lack of Charity and love for those around me.
Pick a Virtue and I have transgressed against it.
Pick a vice and I have harboured it
I transgress against virtue and harbour vices every day. I love my worldly possessions. my computer, my smartphone, my TV, my car, my house by Guitar. I covet new possessions. I fail my wife and children all the time… I also love them deeply.

If I died today, say on my way home from the office I would not be in a state of pure Grace. I would deeply want to be welcomed by Christ, but I’d be a dirty beggar standing beside the great saints. I hope I’d be able to accept His Forgiveness… but I have much attachemnt to this world. Those attachements cannot enter Heaven. I have much attachement to sinfull behaviours and desires… those cannot enter Heaven… so the Lord will burn away all that He ahs not Made… Holy Fire. Refiners Fire. He will make me as Pure Gold, and burn away all the Dross.
Some of that process can take place Here on Earth, but what’s left undone will be done as I accept my Judgement: The Catholic Theology calls this Purgatory.

Is it a punishment? Yes - a deeply Loving One! Like when I send my toddler to sit on the Naughty Step. He cries he screams. His baby sister goes and tries to comfort him, but he learns from it. Purgatory isnt a learnign experience it a cleansing… but it’s an act of Love from our God.

Look at the Cross. Look at the image of Jesus, Broken and Tortured. He took that on to pay the price for Your sins. His arms are stretched wide with love and forgiveness for YOU!

Come to the Altar. Receive His Body and Blood. The Body and Blood of the Crucified and Risen Redeemer and Saviour.
Eat His Flesh. Drink His Blood. Know that you are called to Eternal Life in His Kingdom. Know that you are given special graces to help you on your Journey.
Know that you can never enter Heaven by being worthy of it. No human can.

You can only enter Heaven by the Grace given to you by the Holy Spirit, through the sacrifice made for you by the Redeemer.
Accept His Gift. Accept Him as your personal Saviour. Say Yes to His Love.

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