A few words from yesterday's homily

Our Father Dave said some very poigniant words in yesterday’s homily. A few excerpts are as follows:

“Today we were not greeted with “The Lord be with you”, nor did we sing a song to keynote our celebration, even this unique sacred space seems to lack decoration and speaks volumes by it’s starkness. In this place on this day there is a somber atmosphere, here, in the church, in our hearts.”

“This day was different - for a very different reason. For truth was being spoken, fear did not get the upper hand, and life was lived for its purpose.”

“So, listen with wrenched hearts to the proclamation of this gospel, this Friday unlike any other; with no feelings of defeat, abandonment, or fear. This story of unconditional love took root when God became flesh and Jesus responded to God as was intended, with a life of passionate service for the sake of justice, peace, and love.”

“See the stripped altar, where we proclaim our faith in the suffering servant - lift up, kiss and venerate a cross, for we know how the story ends: in the exact way it began, with a love that conquers even the greatest of sufferings, death itself.”

“Death did not survive that Friday. The cruel passion is a signatory of the day, but with the cross lifted high and reverenced, it may be Friday - but Sunday is coming.”

Yes…Exquisitely Poignant…grateful to you for sharing…have a quiet and peaceful Holy Saturday…and a joyous Easter Vigil…and beyond.
Pax Christi

Yes, I was truly moved by his words and afterwards he graciously consented to give me a copy of it. May you and yours also have a joyous Easter.

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