A Fresh Start: Been To Confession

I just wanted to mention the amazing grace I received today! This morning I was prompted to drop everything and go to the Cathedral and make my Confession, I go regularly but I had got into such a sate and was always Confessing the same sins over and over again without trying as hard as I should do and this had led me to become so scrupulous and hard on my self. I feel that today I made the best and fullest Confession I’ve made in a long time- I hadn’t been in some weeks, which is unusual for me!

I have been in a very Traditional Catholic background and since about 12 years old have listened to very Traditional views which I was immersed into at a fairly young age and have been extremely closed minded towards Non Catholics. When I came out of the Confessional today I was hit with an instant feeling of love and kindness for everyone and all judgmental thoughts ceased and I felt only the love of God and his infinite Mercy. I love Jesus and I love everyone, I realize now that Catholics should love and show kindess to everyone and not look down on those who aren’t Catholics, but guide them with love and through good examples. I believe that the more we are looked to for example, the better example we become.

Please I would ask everyone to pray for me and my possible Priestly Vocation and to join me in thanking God for the graces of the Confessional and for increase in the reception of this Sacrament. I pray that all may be led closer to Christ and be inspired by our lovely, ECUMENICAL, kind and Jesus like Pope. Finally I have quit my scruples and am learning to love myself more, not feel guilty and that I am so unworthy and good for nothing, and also learning to better love others and Jesus did and not be judgmental.

God bless you all.

I just wanted to share what God had done for me. I love this site and it has already taught me so much about my faith and how to be better Catholic, thanks everyone!

Praise be to God…


Joining you in prayers of thanksgiving and prayers for discernment for vocations.

Thanks be to God! Praying for your discernment of a vocation.

It is a great blessing that Jesus gives to us at times to remind us that he is there close to us and lets us experience his warmth and care. Hold on to this and remember this moment on rainy days for it will strengthen you.

To give your ecumenical love to other Christians, it would be thoughtful if you would say the divine chaplet of St. Faustina for them. That Jesus help them in their journey and bring them home safely.

May God bless and keep you. May God’s face shine on you. May God be kind to you and give you peace.

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