A Friend Has Revealed Herself to be Anti-Catholic

I just found Jesus. I am finally a Christian believing he was born again. After I had such a strong religious experience salvation, I thought I was Jesus.

I am just now reading the bible again as an adult. But I have been around evil all my life. Jesus is about submitting to power, except in shaming them by acting better than do, by example. Offering help to someone that abuses you, shames them deeply and makes them change, to act better. It is a slave religion. To shame the rich and selfish.

So to me. Anyone that follows Jesus truly, or is just truly good and consumed by evil. Is following Jesus. But without Jesus it is almost impossible to not let the evil into your heart. See darkness all over and not beauty. I was a good person, but still consumed by guilt and shame and sin. But trying to be kind. But always not being understood.

I feel like Jesus wants every Christian to be kind and open minded. Not judgmental, beyond gentle, or loud corrections to authority that is abusing us or others. If your friend is taking advantage of you, or making you question your faith, then maybe she shouldn’t be your friend. But maybe she strengthening your faith in her doubt. Because she doubts Christ. Not Catholicism. If continually are being disrespected. It is something to pray on. But she also terrified. Terrified. Inside. So I don’t know how to reach those people. But we have to. I was barely eating. And drinking and all my muscles were tense. All the time. Radically kindness seems to be what we need to do right now.

Maybe evil is ascendent. I felt and feel the hate around us. I am empathic from being around abuse my whole life. I can feel the greed and selfishness. I had to move because it was making me sick. I am in my 40’s. The world in my actual physical community, and the media and politics. Things are not good.

And I was helping spread evil by talking about politics.

I found my Christianity in the salvation from the fear of evil killing me.

The way forward is peace. It is to defend your neighbour’s in words and actions and smile if the government kills you while you peacefully defend anyone of any faith from oppression. We need to partner with any religion that is willing to do that.

That IS Jesus. So I was a skeptic. I thought their couldn’t be a God. But there is. We need to follow Jesus. Let him truly judge others. And follow humanitarian values, even when others don’t.

I know this is true. I think Catholics agree. And I am not trying start a controversy. Or argument. At all. I feel compelled to share this message from Jesus to me.

It seems the only thing to do. There are so many weapons in the world. We can’t have a world war. That is extinction. Truly extinction. So we have to live together. Everyone in Jesus. Whether you agree or believe in Jesus or not. Civility is the lesson. Submit. Or it is doom.

Mate. Not kind.

Actually good can come of a social circle turning you out. If not why would the Lord say of the brother who will hear neither personal admonishment nor that of the church “ treat them as you would a Gentile”?

That means polite but without having them in a place of any trust.

Honestly she seems crazy…

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