A friend offers you free tickets to five different events, but all are on the same night. Which would you choose?

You can go to only one of these
  • Garth Brooks concert
  • Poetry reading
  • Horse racing
  • College football game
  • Motivational lecture by real estate mogul
  • No thanks, I’d rather stay home

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I guess horse racing. Never been to the tracks.

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College football game. It would be a first for me. :football:

Among the other activities on offer, either I’ve already had the experience (several times, in some cases) or I’d rather whack my head against a wall than engage in them :slightly_smiling_face:

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I can’t decide. Too vague.
Is the poet Patti Smith (i’m so there) or Margaret Atwood (nope) or some indie event at the local bar (Probably nope unless my friend is reading)?

Is the horse race the Kentucky Derby or some low budget event at a seedy track soon to be replaced with a casino?

College football - which teams? I wanted to go to an Army-Navy game this year really badly…but not happening, I reckon.

Real Estate MoguL? Who? The Donald, or that local real estate agent who keeps cold-calling me wanting to buy my house for cash?

Garth Brooks might be a viable alternative to some of these, but he’s no Trace Adkins…

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never been to any of those events… so why end a perfect streak… I’ll just stay home.



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In non covid times, I’d pick football, but now I’d rather just stay home


Ladies love country boys. :joy_cat:

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Can I take the Garth Brooks tickets and scalp them?


Put in “Gala at the Metropolitan Opera” and I’m there.

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The Melbourne Cup is on shortly and no-one besides jockeys, trainers, strappers, and media and officials are allowed to attend because Covid.

Oh my goodness! Another Trace fan. :wink:

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I just dabble in country music, but he’s got quite a few good songs. I got to see him live because he was one of the headliners at a big country music festival about 15 miles from my house on some kind of horse show grounds.

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He really does have a way with words. I admit, I watched The Apprentice when he was on, and everything he did was way out in front of everyone else.

Neither. I envisioned some local, unknown, and incomprehensible bard.

Just old nags trying to make it once around the track. You’d love it. LOL

Tech vs State. You don’t need to know anymore. Plenty of seats still available.

That guy from E-Z Wealth Financial who you see on tv at 3am, right after Peter Popoff Ministries.

Just a cover band, actually. The people offering you this vast choice of activities live in a very small town.

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Sounds like the guy who buys 30-minute infomercials that run in the middle of someone’s 15-minute DIY true crime series on Youtube that I and a lot of other people like to fall asleep to…I’m 6 minutes into the murder story and just dozing off and WHAM here comes Mr. Motivational for 25 minutes and wakes me back up. It’s a fiendish plot to get me to pay for Youtube Premium with no ads but so far I’m refusing.

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Garth Brooks as long as he doesn’t sing anything from his latest album.

Ooh, is it bad?

To me, yes. He should have never come out of retirement.

I picked horse racing because at least I might win something if I bet.
The others - meh - don’t like country music, don’t like football, don’t like motivational stuff, like poetry but not enough to go to a poetry reading. So it’s horse racing or staying home.

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