A Friend Trying to Pass her Courses


I have a dear friend who is in graduate school. She wants to do some sort of Catholic social work. She had some problems this semester, and she’s trying to get everything she needs done. She has quite a lot of work to do and only about a day and a half to do it in.

Aside from simply the help finding all her right information, answers, etc., she needs hope, perseverence, trust, and a prayerful spirit, so pray for that, and please pray that in the event she is not succesful, she’ll need hope and… all those sorts of things.

If she isn’t able to pass, she will have to leave the program/school/something like that. I am sure she’ll be able to do something else in the future by some means, but hopefully that isn’t necessary. So please, pray.

God bless


God bless you for geing a good friend to your friend, in asking our prayers. So yes, I will pray for all those things for her!

God bless and grant your prayers for yourself and all you loved ones too! :slight_smile:


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