A Funny Quarrel I Was In

Me and my Muslim friend were bored out of our skulls earlier today. So we decided to have a pointless nonsensical Qu’ran-versus-Bible shouting match. We’d each shout out whatever verse numbers in our respected holy books came to mind at each other, and some of them actually matched! Highlight of the quarrel was this:

Friend: 3:85!
Me: Psalm 143!
Friend: 43:89!
Me: Proverbs 17:7!

It’s really funny because I only remember Bible verses at the most inappropriate of times :smiley:


I’m not real certain, but…I think he won. :wink:

43.89 So turn away from them and say, Peace, for they shall soon come to know.


True, but it wasn’t an attempt to win, just a silly quarrel :slight_smile:

IT was actually very clever. It was fun to look up the dialogue.

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