A Funny Thing May Happen on the Way to Thursday’s Trump-Clinton Roast



This year’s dinner (Thursday night, October 20) promises to be exceptionally interesting. I am curious to see if both candidates are capable of civility for the night. For those who do not know of Al Smith or the dinner in his honor, it is an impressive story.


Out with beer and wine. In with purified water. The metaphors and irony are rich this time around.


This dinner has been a bad idea for a while.
This year it’s an even worse idea.


Let’s see if Trump can take a joke.

Nothing more unbecoming than someone who takes themselves SO seriously they can’t laugh at themselves.


I agree. A long time ago, it could hardly be imagined as a bad thing. Bigwigs giving money to charity and all that.

But now, for Cdl Dolan to have a “chair of honor” for a rabid abortion promoter whose campaign thinks the Church is “backward”, “medieval”, etc, and actively seeks to undercut the Church, is really awful.

I think the dinner has long passed its “sell by” date.


Judging by his response to SNL’s recent sketches, I’m guessing he’s incapable of doing so.


I was so dissapointed with snl. I was looking forward to it all summer. And I knew that they would bias to Hillary and they did some of that in the spring but the weekend update has been so one sided it isn’t funny and then the opening skits with Baldwin have not really made fun of Hillary at all. Also by picking a cameo to do trump and a regular cast member for Hillary they have already made public thier wager on the election. They may be right but if trump somehow wins they have really created a problem for themselves which is a shame because if ever there was a comedy no brainer these candidates are it. Instead, the most they get Hillary with is being “robotic”.
It’s pretty hard to mess this satire up but yet they may indeed be doing that.

Che on the update is not delivering jokes, he is preaching to a choir. Colin is doing a tad bit better.


Holy cow, seriously? They nailed it. Their job is to lampoon and that they’ve done. (And Tina Fey was a cameo as Palin in 2008 – also hysterical.) Let’s face it: they were gifted with a ridiculous cast of candidates and they’re making the most of them.

If Trump somehow wins, there’s nothing lost at SNL. They’ll have ready-made comedic material for 4 years. No backtracking necessary – comedy gets out of those predicaments quite easily.


Could you laugh, if you were Trump? Could you laugh if you were Hilary? I can’t find anything funny, but it’s oh so serious… sorry if I can’t find the humor…


Gallows humor is a thing for a reason.



I find these dinners actually pretty refreshing. . . but then again I have a sense of humor.


I agree!




It’s sort of like having a dinner/roast attended by Henry VIII, Thomas More, and a few of Henry wives a few weeks before everyone goes to the chopping block to lose their heads.


Trump has been grumbling about SNL’s depiction of him. He used to have more of a sense of humor about himself. I guess he’s getting old.


I don’t think it could be funnier than a lot of the pictures that come up when one does a google search on Clintons Trumps wedding.


:thumbsup: good analogy!


I wouldn’t want Alec Baldwin or a female equivalent such as Tina Fey or Susan Sarandon or Rosie O’Donell in a skit depicting me either if I were running for president.
If it had been a depiction of Trump on his reality show it might be different. Do you blame him when you see how the media gangs up on the Republican and pretty much
ignores the democrat candidate.


Folks in public office have to have a bit thicker skin than you and me. If he can’t handle this, he certainly can’t handle four years of what comedians would do to him.


Yes they do have to have thicker skin, but it might be easier once you have won the office!:smiley:

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