A game to far???

I was in my google play store on my phone today earlier browsing for a game to download (preferably one like candycrush or 8 ball pool). I like adventure and games where you make the choices for the characters…maybe telltales the walking dead is what I’m aiming at. Anyway I came across a game called missing: game for a cause and let’s just say when I read the plot of the game I was gobsmacked to say the least! The game is a reality based adventure game designed to allow players to experience what an abductee goes through when she is trafficked into the inhumane and cruel world of prostitution.

Assume the role of Champa, imprisoned in the red light area of the city, making choices and assessing risks for herself to find her way to the elusive freedom.

This really didn’t sit right with me at all…it is such a serious matter and to make a game out of it I think it’s borderline sick! What’s your opinion on it?


Yeah, that’s a little weird in my opinion. I assume the developers would say they’re trying to raise awareness in the hopes of curtailing human trafficking, but it’s not great to present it as a source of entertainment.

Yeah, I find it rather sick. There is something to be said for increasing awareness about sex trafficking, but this is more voyeurism than information outreach. I daresay many people play it to be titillated by masochistic fantasies.

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