A-gassed at Gas-tly Gas


To put it bluntly, DH’s odorous emissions are coming between us. This is a new problem, as he did not have these smelly farts when we were dating, he says. Does anyone have dietary suggestions to help clear this up?

Not kidding, this stuff is so potent his car is beginning to smell like it, and I can hardly stand to be in the same room as he is when he’s tooting up a storm cloud of gaseous feces.


Normally caused by foods such as eggs, garlic, onions, certain veggies like cabbage or brussels sprouts, spicy cuisines such as Indian. Even beer can produce odorous gas. I’ve heard that taking charcoal tablets can help.

Has he changed his diet since you’ve married? You may be able to track the culprit down by doing a before and after comparison.

If none of this works, it could actually be a sign of a medical problem, so take him off to the doctor.


This sounds like what happened to us. I wonder if our DH’s are related :whistle:

After ten years, I have learned some of the stuff that triggers his system. The main culprits are caffeine and sugar. There’s a whole host of other things that wreak havoc on his system, too.

The one that still gives us a good laugh is Fazzoli’s. That incident happened before we were married. We were laughing about it the other night.

I have come to learn that it’s just a fact of our life. I am trying to make better of the “worse” part of the situation. At some point, it can be a good idea to get it checked out. But, it may be nothing other than just a smelly inconvenience.

Good luck!

P.S. My MIL always tried to get the family to take Beano before certain meals. It never worked.


Dairy products can also be gas producing. My sympathies!


“Lactose intolerant”

Yes, I know this all too well. Yet my better half still goes to buy the Ben and Jerry’s.:rolleyes:

But, its what he eats all day when not at home too.

I make him lunches, but they are not “good enough” so, hey.:shrug:


Maybe he doesn’t think he had the problem. One generally becomes accustomed to the way one smells; think of wearing perfume and how after a while you don’t smell it on yourself. He’s might have been like this for some time, didn’t notice anymore, but now that he’s living with you it’s being brought to his attention.

If this is truly a new thing, can you or he pinpoint these episodes to any specific foods? I have IBS, and certain foods set me off. Unfermented dairy is one (yogurt and cheese are fine), another is an excess of meat. Pork in particular sets me off; I served a ham for Easter dinner a couple of years ago, ate off the leftovers for a few days, and ended up with such severe abdominal distress and bloating that my doctor sent me for an emergency pelvic CT-scan to rule out a diseased appendix. I went on vegetarian diet for a week (not much raw roughage but lots of well-cooked veggie soups and cooked grains) and that cleared up the problem for me.

Do a search for common IBS trigger foods and see if there’s anything on the list that he’s been eating more of recently. If so, try cutting that out and see if your environmental conditions improve.


You need to trade places with him when you play the cover game and give him a wiff of his own medicine.


Most definitely and if he is just starting it means he has just started to become “lactose intolerant”. If something like taking Lactade (Lactaid?) helps the problem then that is what it is.

We know for sure my daughter is Lactose intolerant so I keep the milk based meals (think cream of…soups) to a minimum. Now she can tolerate some aged cheeses (not American or your typical Kraft type sliced cheese) and yogurts but if she eats too much of these she can have a problem too.

Since we have cut the milk based meals to a minimum and have her take Lactade when we do have one she is much better and so is my husband whose only milk intake normally then is that 12 oz. he consumes first thing in the morning so the effects are generally gone by the time he comes home from work at night.

If eliminating milk based foods - ice cream and puddings included - doesn’t solve the problem then a trip to the Drs. wouldn’t hurt especially if this has gotten worse.

Brenda V.


My husband gets it so badly that we can’t even sleep in the same room.

Red meat, pork, and beer set him off. While we know what the trigger foods are, it doesn’t mean “we” always have the discipline to abstain from these foods. :rolleyes:

Has he tried Gas-X?


Try Activated Charcoal Tablets. They always help my husband when he has these smelly attacks. Check with your doctor or pharmacist first since activated charcoal can absorb other medications as well and render them inactive. If he isn’t taking anything else, try it.

Once, when they were still teenagers, my dh and his brother decided to have a contest to see who could produce the smelliest emissions. They ate pickled eggs and pickled onions, drank Guinness, all sorts of other stuff, then they went to the movies. They wanted an independent arbiter. I still don’t know who won, but they cleared out three rows in front and behind them at the packed theatre. The movie? - “The Exorcist”. They thought it was appropriate.


Only a man would admit to this. Did you know about this before you married him, or did he save this for the end of the honeymoon phase? :stuck_out_tongue:


:rotfl: :rotfl: oh dear, I must be a teenage guy trapped in a thirtysomething female body but that’s the funniest thing I’ve read in ages.


I know some foods that set us off are broccoli (especially when it is still a bit crunchy), cabbage, peppers, and beans. Hard boiled eggs make particularly smelly results, so I try to avoid those if possible.


I deal with the same problem although my husband lacks his sense of smell, therefore I’m the only one suffering. He thinks I’m exaggerating!!! Believe me, I’m not!!! The smell is so acrid it literally wakes me up and I must move to another room to sleep.


This is why men need women, because otherwise they may honestly believe they don’t have X,Y, or Z. Did he ever have morning breath before he married you? How about his armpits? :rolleyes:

I find it hard to believe that he* never* had the problem before, but he may not have had the frequency. I’d guess the problem is just worse now, probably he changed the frequency of eating something less digestable or higher in sulfur. Other rather personal stuff, you could ask about his, uh, regularity. Constipation can make such problems worse. Adding fiber may temporarily make the smell problem worse before it gets better as fiber is indigestible. Look for any change in his diet from how he ate when you were dating, but not neccesarily entirely new foods, just frequency.

If it really is an* entirely* new problem, then he’s either ingesting something he never had before (maybe even some over the counter supplement–I recall hearing some radio hosts discuss some tablets to help your breath resulted in bad smells at the other end) or he has a new problem with his digestive tract. If he really can’t identify the source of the problem, you really might suggest to him that he see a doctor for a GI workup.

Candles. Yes, men who are reading this thread, maybe this may be one reason why ladies are fixated on lighting candles, because in addition to the ambiance, they eliminate bad odors, and sometimes even replace bad smells with pleasant smells. Even the unscented kind help eliminate odors when they burn. Watch out for any small children and open flames as they pose a fire hazard.


I’m so glad I’m single!!


DH this morning: “Please don’t tell anyone else about my gas.” :o

:whistle: He would be mortified, but what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him, and moreover, what I learn here could help us both. Glad to know I’m not alone. I’ll see if I can start taking things out of our diet one by one to figure it out. We do eat a lot of garlic, cheese. Not so much meat right now, not so much veggies either.

This is more of a sulfurous odor. He thinks it helps him to drink water all the time.:shrug: It was better while he was working in an office the had endless bottled water for the taking, but that was also the same period of time I was working, so we might have been eating differently, too.


I have 4 brothers and this sort of thing is common in my family. My son took top farting honors in boot camp recently. You can imagine how proud we are! —KCT


I knew before we married. He isn’t shy about these things. He points to Spike Mulligan’s book on etiquette, “The Unexpurgated Code” to back up his ‘lack of control’. Unfortunately, I can’t find it at the moment to give you a reference. He (Spike) has an entire section on the etiquette of ‘emissions’, situations you will not find covered anywhere in Emily Post with references to comments like, ‘The barking spiders are very bad this year.’, to cover these faux pas.:smiley:


Some levity…

“Why don’t women fart?.. 'Cause they never shut up long enough to build up the required pressure!”

Onions, Sour Cream, & Chili peppers do it to me - I’m noxious and there’s a “No open Flame” rule around me after a meal with this stuff.

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