A German Family’s 14-Year Battle for the Right to Home-School

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The moment this couple obtained a marriage license as well as registering their kids to the state through birth certificates, they handed over these rights to the state.

Are you suggesting they shouldn’t have gotten married?

In Germany, home schooling is not allowed. In the U.S., it is allowed. Several million people homeschool their children in the U.S. Personally, I am in favor of educational freedom.



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I’m not sure what point you are trying to make about them handing over their rights to the state by getting married—- are you saying they shouldn’t get married?

I’ve merely exposed a fundamental truth regarding consents we give to the state without second thought. I’m not “saying” anything other than that.

OK. Marriage existed as a ‘state’ thing before it was a religious thing, so I wasn’t clear how one would marry without letting the state know.

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