A giant floating trash collector will try to scoop up the Great Pacific Garbage



I sure hope it works. It really saddens me to such such pollution.


A mighty endeavor. Although no one really knows the size, it is purported to be at least twice the size of Texas.


When I first heard about this thing it seemed so gross. I can’t believe what we have done to out planet.


Actually, it’s China:

USA is the 20th lowest.

Five countries are responsible for more than 50 percent of total plastic waste in the oceans (China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, and Thailand). We also know that an estimated 80 percent of ocean plastic pollution originates from inadequate land-based solid waste management.

See the fifth paragraph:

One might think that because we produce so much plastic waste that we would be one of the main perpetrators, but in fact the U.S. ranks 20th in the world for ocean pollution when it comes to plastic. Even at our worst the U.S. only makes up 1.4% of the plastic waste in the ocean.

I read the graph and here are the numbers: [not sure that the numbers add up to what they say the totals are]

China: 9 tons
Indonesia 3 tons
Philippines 2 tons
Vietnam 2 tons
Sri Lanka 1.5 tons
Thailand 1.0 tons
Egypt 0.9 tons
Malaysia 0.8 tons
Nigeria 0.7 tons
Bangladesh 0.7 tons
South Africa 0.6 tons
India 0.6 tons
Algeria 0.5 tons
Turkey 0.5 tons
Pakistan 0.5 tons
Brazil 0.5 tons
Burma 0.3 tons
Morocco 0.3 tons
North Korea 0.3 tons
United States 0.3 tons

Maybe it’s millions of tons … but it’s all estimated.

And the United States is at the bottom of the list.

Quant people reading here are encouraged to search further.


Sorry, but that is a list of the top 20 offenders. Do you see Great Britain, Germany, France, Japan, etc.? Being the least worse of the 20 most worse is not something to be proud about.


It depends how you read statistics…the US is 20 on mismanagement plastic waste…but 12 on total waste ending up in oceans


Nice try.

But getting off topic.


As #1 mentioned, the US is not behind this problem. Any plastic waste of ours that gets to the ocean is minuscule compared to Asia and other third world countries.

And offshore Greece … also not the USA.


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