A girl in my class


hey guys, i might have posted this before but honestly i feel no wrong done in asking once again, sine the time is now more crucial than ever …

basically there is a girl in my class who i think i am interested in, it is my belief that its my duty to get her back on track in the faith as she once told me she doesnt believe in what hte bible says (in a non aggressive sort of ignorant nice way)… i am attracted to her and time is winding down in term of classes so i need to make a move…

maybe all i need is some prayer that i do well, i havent really talked to women or girls with mentioning god as i have only come back to the church fully about 6 months ago… anyways dont now where i am going with this but wish me luck :slight_smile:


Our Friend above wrote: “…so i need to make a move…”

My humble advice: Relax. Don’t make a HUGE DEAL about getting to know her. There’s no big “move” to make. This not the D-Day landings at Normandy in 1944. Girls hate it when guys make a big “move.” Be cool. Just get to know her like you would any friend. It is ironic, but girls are most attracted to guys how DO NOT need them, and are in no way nervous or desperate for a certain girl. Yes, you have those special “feelings” about her (well, her body, really). And yes, ask her out on a date to do something whenever you want to. Just get rid of ALL FEAR. She is not a God or Goddess. She’s just a human being, one of 7 billion on the planet earth. Believe it or not, she really doesn’t glow. That’s just hormones messing with your mind. She is a MORTAL. She has no superpowers. Once you REALLY get to know her, you probably will half-hate her. But, nobody’s perfect, so, don’t be a meanie. Anyway, I wrote that to be of help to our Friend. Good luck, Friend!


Do not seek a romantic relationship while also seeking to convert the other person. Not a good mix.


Hi there..

How sweet, just like one of the above comments said..

relax, enjoy..getting to know that precious child of God..remember no one but God knows if it is meant to be. Whether a friendship begins or more..

Right know, it sounds like it is brand new..just because people claim to be Catholic/christian or any religion for that matter doesn't mean they walk the talk..who knows..answer is..Only God. So before I became Carholic..it would have broke my heart if I knew a Catholic/christian didn't want to meet me or be friends or date me cuz I didn't believe the same things as them..its those that became friends..asked me out and "wanted" to hang out with me..planted the biggest seeds of faith!!

Enjoy!! Relax..ill be praying for you!:thumbsup:


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