A girl is eyeing me. What's on her mind?


I happened to go to a party about a month ago and I was sitting with my friends. There was a girl in the group whom I didn’t know, so I thought of making friendship with her. I engaged in conversation and we became friends. We met each other on other occasions after that and I saw that she was making eye contact in a way which made me feel … err… I don’t know … strange? (I don’t know exactly what I felt)

What’s on her mind? Is she just trying to be a good friend and I’m simply blowing the matter out of proportion? Is she just admiring me or what? I don’t understand? Girls, help me out.


How is this a problem?

BTW, at my age, if a girl did this to me, I’d have to check to make sure I wasn’t wearing my shirt inside out. :smiley:



Jim, are you saying you are too young to know how to dress? are you about 6? :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

iaskquestions, just give her the same look back :wink: then keep getting to know her through conversations. No one can really tell you what is in her mind - you need to figure it out yourself - she’ll let you know if you are patient.



Jim, are you saying you are too young to know how to dress? are you about 6? :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Darn, I’ve been caught. :smiley:



Hey man, she probably likes you. What kind of look was it? Did she smile? If it were me, I would give a smile and maybe a little wink back, I am more of the flirty type though with girls, so I’ve been told so maybe winking may not be your thing.:shrug:


Dude, I want a girl’s opinion on this and unfortunately, no girl has given me a good answer so far.


oh geeesh, watch Its a Wonderful LIfe
Romance is wasted on the young


Ah. No winky! No winky! :slight_smile:
OP: I missed how old you are?


In my 20s, and she is too.


Then she certainly deserves your nice smile and a li’l chat :slight_smile:


So she’s just being friendly and nothing beyond that. Am I right? Or is she thinking of me as a prospective…


OK - I am a woman so here is my feedback -

I would say she was taking an interest in you. Her intent? I have no idea. Romantic or just focused on the conversation - who knows.

When I am talking to someone I enjoy (close friend, husband, acquaintance) or I am sincerely having a conversation and focused on what they are saying ( my boss or co-worker), I look people straight in the eye.

In my mind, it is my way of communicating that I am listening and paying attention - I am concerned and care.

Did you get her name and number and ask her out? Instead of trying to second guess women - which is impossible - why not ask her out and see what comes of it? People on a forum…well what do we know? :smiley:


Don’t take it too seriously now. Take it as a simple fact that she was*** just*** looking at you. If you want to know more, get to know her.


I have to laugh…your user name suggests you are inquisitive - though you are asking the wrong people the questions. You should be asking her! :smiley:


Well if she is interested in me as some have suggested, then I better stay away from her. I don’t want to hurt her by giving her any false hope and then turning her down. But the question is, will this have a negative impact on her? That is, if I suddenly start keeping myself away from her? What’s the right approach?


Women know what goes on in the minds of women, men don’t. I didn’t want to ask her, that would be crazy. So I thought of asking the women here.


Yes, it must be that she is “admiring” you. :smiley:


Let me say this and hope I don’t get in trouble with women :smiley: - yes, they are difficult for us to understand but each one has her own personality and wants - you can’t firgure out one by getting to know others. (same goes with men…really). :smiley:

Be brave! you shouldn’t ask her if she likes you … all you need to do is to be friend with her.

Pray about it.


Now that is funny. I would not for a moment try to figure out what is going on in the heads of my female friends.
The older I get, the more this female realizes that all women are too complex to dissect.

Just ask her out. Be brave - what I do know…women do love brave men.:smiley:


Girl answering here: Didn’t you say you were friends? I would ask jokingly, under my breath, “why are you looking at me, is there spinach on my teeth?” or something like that. If you abruptly broke off the relationship I think that might hurt her a little. Sometimes I find myself just studying peoples’ faces a little too much - especially if they remind me of someone I like a lot. I know someone now who has THE eyes of my saintly late mother-in-law whom I loved. :slight_smile:

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