A good article regarding the Triune Formula of Matthew 28:19



What are your thoughts on this article?

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My thoughts are it’s very long. :slight_smile: Could you maybe post a certain paragraph or something?


More “Oneness” Pentecostal propaganda which has no true historical support for it’s suppositions. Quite obvious when it makes the insertion that in the New Testament there is no supporting evidence for the Trinity except for the baptismal formula in Matthew.

To be honest, the verse being attacked here is one of the least proofs used for the existence of the Trinity in the New Testament.


I have no idea of this guy is a “Oneness” Pentecostal. Regarding the historical support, I’m assuming you didn’t even read the article.

Also, just because this verse is being studied, I wouldn’t call it “being attacked”. The scriptures tell us to study to show yourself approved unto God.

I find it interesting how much the early church had their hands in the “evolution”, if you will, of Jesus’ church.


It had a great deal in developing the understanding of the teachings of Jesus. It had to because of all of the heresies that where thrown at it. If you are constantly defending the truth of your faith then you will definitely learn why you believe what you believe.


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