A good book on salvation?


Does anybody know of a good book on what the Church teaches on salvation? (And easy to read):coffeeread:



Jimmy Akin has one called, “The Salvation Controversy”.


God has one called the Bible


Obviously it’s not “good” in a sense that all perceive it the same, for, you, as a Baptist, are massively confused on the meaning of salvation.

Non-Catholics, of course, have a huge emphasis on the bible - alone. Too bad it’s an incorrect outlook.

Of course, if all Christians were in full communion with the true Church I wouldn’t need a “good book on salvation”. I want one so I can enrich my understanding of the topic, defending the true faith.

So next time don’t be so sarcastic. I understand the Bible is a “good” salvation book, for it contains all necessary for our salvation. Obviously not everyone understands this correctly, for their are Baptists and others who believe in “faith alone”.



Obviously you do not understand the meaning of faith alone.


*Yeah, I do.

Maybe you don’t understand*
James 2:24

[FONT=“Courier New”]"Do you see that by
a man is
and not by
faith only?


Obviouely you do not understand the meaning of James 2:24 :shrug:


[size=]Since our Divine adoption and friendship with God is based on perfect love of God or charity (cf. Galatians 5:6; 1 Corinthians 13; James 2:17 sqq.), dead faith devoid of charity cannot justify us. Only such faith as is active in charity and good works can justify man.

Whenever faith justifies it is not faith alone, but faith made operative and replenished by charity(Galatians 5:6) By works, St. James does not understand the pagan good works to which St. Paul refers in the Epistle to the Romans, or the works done in fulfilment of the Jewish Law, but the-works of salvation made possible by the operation of supernatural grace.

Without charity and the works of charity faith is dead. Faith receives life only from and through charity. Only to dead faith is the doctrine applied: “Faith alone does not justify”. On the other hand, faith informed by charity has the power of justification.

Faith is the beginning of salvation, because no one can be converted to God unless he recognize Him as his supernatural end and aim. Faith is not only the initiatory act of justification, but the foundation as well.

Since a real conversion is inconceivable without faith and contrition, we naturally place faith at the beginning and contrition at the end of the process.

So, by the grace of God I have chosen to believe in Him. I have been baptized (“born again”). I must continue to cooperate with his grace, doing works of love. [/size]


Forever [size=][FONT=“Book Antiqua”][size=]C[/size]atholic[/size][/FONT]


Seconded. This is definitely what you are looking for.


Actually, the Bible is a compilation of many books. 73 to be exact.
But, you were right to point the OP in that direction because the question was:
“Does anybody know of a good book on what the Church teaches on salvation?”

**The Catholic Church indeed teaches what the Bible has to say about salvation. **
**Thanks for the recognition!! :thumbsup: **


THANKS! But I have that one. It’s actually great.
I’m looking for one that has emphasis on the faith+works topic.:whistle:


I think I finally

“How Can I Get To Heaven?” by Robert Sungenis

It looks GREAT!



Good one–c1s. I didn’t even realize he had that book. Looks great.


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