A Good Catholic Magazine For Children?



My children (9 & 12) like to read. What is a good magazine I can subscribe to for them that will provide some Catholic content?

Thanks in advance for any and all guidance.

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This is so sad, but My Friend stopped publishing in June of '07. It was a wonderful magazine and I would recommend finding back issues if possible. My kids ages 11, 9, and 5 (at the time)used to fight over it when it came in the mail! It was kind of like a Catholic Highlights.

The only publication I know of now aimed at children is “Magnifikid!”. It is published by the folks at Magnificat and my children love it too. It is appropriate for a wide range of ages, just like My Friend was.

However, it is more of a liturgical catechesis tool–it is basically a weekly missal for children. It provides brief commentary on the Sunday and holy day readings, and spotlights on the various parts of the mass, and usually a little feature article on a saint wholse feast might be that week, or a lighthearted quiz on a virtue addressed in the readings (i.e., How Humble Are You?) It is very colorful and inspires a sense of wonder and respect toward the Mass and living our faith through the week.

Hope that helps!



Surfing I found this page with many magazines listed. Can anyone recommend one (to subscribed or stay away from)?

Thanks for any guidance or advice…


True Girl


Sadly, also out of print




My friend’s daughter likes to read this one alongside her mom.


Faith and Family is produced by the same folks who bring us National Catholic Register. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I did not see any kids magizines on here…


Oh, almost forgot! K4J (www.K4J.org) is a monthly Catholic children’s virtue/formation program that can either be implemented in your parish as a club or individually in the home. Each month, a new packet (not quite a magazine, but a publication nonetheless) is received, with suggested activities for the virtue of the month. Virtues revolve around the liturgical year. It is a little pricey (club memberships are $44.95 this year), but especially when you divide by the 11 months of publication, it’s well worth it.

Hope that helps!




For girls ten and up:


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