A good conversion book

I just discovered an author I like very much:
Andrew Klavan, author of The Great Good Thing., A Secular Jew Comes to Faith in Christ.
Very interesting story of his journey to conversion, although I don’t think he’s made it all the way into the Catholic church yet.
I also like his other books, mainly young adult thrillers but also mysteries/thrillers for adults. The one I read was not for the faint hearted, it was about a child abduction ring.


Thanks for the head’s up on this book/author. The Jews I have met who accepted Christ are Eastern Orthodox now. Seems Catholicism as expressed today was as foreign as mainstream Christianity.


I am going to look for cheap copy for myself. You found it pretty inspirational?

Yes, it was inspirational, and he is a very good writer.
He became aware of Christianity through the influence of his family’s housekeeper, although she never talked about her faith at all.
Then he was attracted intellectually, as many intellectuals are, instead of falling into it by accident and God’s mercy as I did.


“Only use words when you have to…” Didn’t somebody famous say that?

I found a copy on ebay for under 12 bucks. I am eager to get it.

I found it at my library. If I bought every book I want, I’d be broke immediately.:slight_smile:


OP, thanks for sharing this. I found out about Klavan via Shapiro on Dailywire, where they have podcasts. Klavan is not (yet) Catholic, but he seems to be fond of PE BXVI’s writings.


My “book” came in the mail today. The package was really small and I was wondering what was going on. I should of read the ebay ad a little better. It was a CD version of the book.

The CD is an mp3 data disk. I have no use for it. Anyone want it?

Can you return it if no one wants it or donate it to your church?

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