A good NFP book?


Hi all. I was wondering if anyone could recommend some quality books and resources about NFP, preferably from a Catholic standpoint of course. I found some online but they seemed more from an "eco-friendly" perspective than a Catholic one. I can't really afford NFP classes at this point nor am I quite brave enough to participate in one yet anyway.

Thanks! :D


I would recommend any of the materials from the Couple to Couple League. They teach the Sympto-Thermal Method of NFP, but go over other forms of NFP as well in their manual. There is also a home study course, if you would like to learn in the privacy of your own home. They have a variety of other NFP related books as well.


We took our NFP course before our wedding with a CCL teaching couple and loved the experience. Our teaching couple was great and amazingly supportive.


There is nothing wrong with the “eco-friendly” perspective unless they get into New Age. :smiley:

John and Sheila Kippley have published their manual at nfpandmore.org/ and it looks like you can download it for free.

The Couple to Couple League’s classes are quite inexpensive, though. When we took the CCLI course, it was less than $100. If you can somehow manage that, the instructor helping you interpret your charts could be valuable.


Thank you! :)


I second (third?) the reccommendation for CCL. Our couple even offered to just charge us for the materials and not 'make' us join the league, which would have come in at under £30 (would have been even less but I wanted the post partum book as well). It's a really fun class, which I wouldn't have expected, and they completely understand about people being nervous/shy of talking about intimate matters.


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