A Good Online Bible?

Does anyone know of a good online Catholic Bible, with notes explaining the meanings of difficult passages and such, as well as a study guide? I’ve been using the RSVCE online but sometimes I am rather annoyed that there are no notes. The Vatican site has the NAB with notes, but once more, no study guide. Even if the notes and guide were to be on seperate pages from the actual Bible, that would still be most helpful.

New American Bible: vatican.va/archive/ENG0839/_INDEX.HTM

The Vulgate: vatican.va/archive/bible/nova_vulgata/documents/nova-vulgata_index_lt.html

I really like the Douay-Rheims version of the bible.

The more I read the NAB the more frustrated I get. It’s not that great of a translation as people may think. The more I read the Douay-Rheims the better I like it. I have the Latin Vulgate/Douay-Rheims Bible (Latin and English, side by side) and I love it. Learning Latin should be on everyone’s “to do” list. It opens up your eyes about other translations and makes you better understand the original Greek. Jerome was a pro when it came to Koine Greek, Hebrew & Latin.

If I’m not reading the D-RV, then I read the RSV-CE.

This online version of the Douai has many annotations:


I like that drbo.org version too, although it has no study guide.

I found this on another forums.catholic.com thread:

(free for download)

It includes the Hadock Commentary Bible & other Commentaries. I haven’t tried it myself.

Here is a link to that other thread:

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