A Good Priest

Look: I have seen people criticizing priest for all kinds of reasons:
*]because the mass is too long
*]because the mass is too short
*]because he speaks too much
*]because he speaks little
*]for he is aggressive
*]for he is too passive
*]too traditional
*]too liberal

that I would like to trace the contrary.
That is: I would like you to trace 5 characteristics (or as many as you want, the number five is just to force people who want to give too little characteristics), by order of priority ( being the number one the most important) that you like to see in a priest.

Attention: I suppose always that you accept any priest that God puts into your path. My questions is about “tastes”, “feelings”, “expectations”, “needs” in relation to a priest in your Parish.

Thank you.

5Characteristics that I like to see in a Priest:

  1. To be Christ centered and reverent.

  2. To deliver a homily that not only explains the readings but reveals how I apply the readings to my everyday life.

  3. To speak english well enough that I can understand his homily.

  4. To admit that he is not perfect and is in need of God’s grace (eucharist and confession) to remain holy and faithful to his vows and to remind me that I am not perfect either and in need of God’s grace too…

  5. one that provides fellowship among his flock; Bible studies, gatherings like breakfast after one of the masses, parish picnics, guest speakers, retreats, etc.

if a priest is liberal any sermon is too long,
if he is ortoxdox its always too short.
if when he concescrate the host he stares at it in adoration for a long period, contemplating it’s mystery my heart jumps for joy.
pray for them daily they need our prayers

We have that priest for our pastor, and I hope we keep him for a good long time!

Somewhere, I would add wisdom -a priest who is wise…who can make the tough calls with love, who we can go to for advice when things seem a jumbled mess…

Humility … A priest who is humble … would go well with #4. An arrogant priest is so hard to deal with.

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