A Good Sign

When discerning a vocation, what would you say is a fairly definite sign that that vocation is what you are truly called too?

I think it would be a different sign for everyone. You should have a spiritual director to help you sort things out.

When the bishop lays hands on you.

Did you get the reading list I posted on one of your other threads?

Well there are a few milestones, certainly:
*]Asked to apply,
*]Acceptance to the institution,
*]Achieving first year,
*]Entrance into Major Seminary,
*]Priestly Ordination

That’s just a brief rundown.

I’d be wary to be “looking for signs” though. Just take it easy and discern. Patience is needed. Avail yourself to the sacraments and surrender yourself, and your will, to God.

What reading list are you referring to? Sorry, I must not have noticed.


I will tell you a story relating to my vocation and to this quote, if you’d like.

Most definitely.

Please post your story here! I would love to hear it. If your not comfortable sharing it publicly, please, private message me!

As Boston Sem has rightly indicated, discernment is a journey with milestones along the way, but it is also a continuous process. You don’t stop discerning once you enter the seminary. If you’re hoping for a road to Damascus moment I hate to be the bearer of bad news but they tend to be in short supply these days!

At the same time, discernment is also, to some extent, about how you feel about where you are and where you’re going. If you’re relaxed and comfortable with both these things then that’s obviously a very positive sign. A couple of useful indicators can be how you feel when participating in a vocations discernment group and how you feel when visiting a seminary for an enquiry weekend.

Again though, it really comes down to letting go and trusting in God to lead you where he wants you to go.

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