A Good Sign

Tomorrow I am leaving for a short vacation before school starts next week and leading up to this vacation I have really been discerning heavily. I feel like I am in such a state of joy and happiness with my vocation to the priesthood. Is this a good sign?

take it day by day or even step by step :smiley:

You don’t have to look for signs. Discernment is a process, a process that can change at what may appear to be a last minute.

The decisions made during Discernment are all good… if a man in the end is Ordained that is good…if a man any where in the process discerns he is not called to be a priest, that is good.

Enjoy your vacation. Enjoy your state of joy and happiness as you continue this path in your discernment.

Hey brycehecht,

Well it’s not a bad sign. You need to be certain you have the gift of chastity, lest Satan gets you if you don’t. When I was 19 a wise therapist I was seeing said I’d make a great priest. He was almost right. But I don’t have the gift to be chaste. I wanted a wife, but God never gave me one. So maybe I should have at least gone to seminary school.

I don’t know at what point you have to take the vow to stay chaste. Since you’re so excited, and feeling good about this, pursue it. But beware, the Church is about to go into her most perilous times since Christians were fed to the lions. Many of us know this, but most don’t. There’s a good chance the antichrist will appear before 2020, and chaos will rein. The great Apocalypse has already started. Are you sure you want to help fight against this? Make sure you are sure.

Yes. Stop trying to find signs in everything. Like I said to you in another one of your threads, if you are feeling called, speak to a vocations director and keep discerning.

Geo17, I’d be interested to read why you say this but may I suggest that you start a separate thread so this one does not go way off topic. If you decide to do so, perhaps you could leave a post here telling what forum it is in.


I’d like to do that. But I can’t figure out how to start threads? I can send you a PM, I know how to do that.


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