A Grandmothers Prayer group or place


somewhere on CAF. I believe there is a great need for prayers for grandparents now, and to have a place to pray for the intentions of their children families and grandchildren.

I am unsure who to address this request , so I will post in this forum and wait for replies.

God Bless


Wouldn’t this fit in the prayer intentions forum?



I think in prayer intentions too, but you could start a thread of that nature as an ongoing place where people could visit repeatedly?


The prayer intentions threads continue as long as people post in them, till they hit some huge maximum post limit.


Ah, then the prayer intentions forum would be ideal. Thank you.


I looked up rules for Prayer Intentions forum, this is just a snip of them.
I guess I am thinking more of a discussion support and prayers group. .
Confidentiality would be important, no names locations or other identifying information
I would be interested in hearing stories, connecting with grandparents, having discussions, and so on. more for support
CAF may not be the appropriate place , just inquiring

copied and paste from Rules for Prayer Intentions forum
The Prayer Intentions board is not intended to be used as a place for debate, discussion, or advice.


If you are wanting a place for grandparents to chat, and get to know each other, and share their concerns, I suggest starting a thread in the Casual Conversation forum. Make sure the title is something like “Grandparent Cafe” so people can see right away what the thread is about.

If you are wanting a place to pray for prayer intentions, that would be the Prayer Intentions forum, which is a subforum of the Catholic Living forum.


good ideas, thanks!


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