A "great books" college in San Antonio, TX


Hi All:

I wasn’t sure where else to post this message, so please forgive me if this is inappropriate.

I am looking for folks who might be interested in researching the possibility of starting a Roman Catholic “great books” college in the San Antonio, TX area. The model college I have in mind is Thomas Aquinas College.

Right now, I am most interested in connecting with folks in the SA area who might be interested in serving as faculty and staff. To this end, I am looking for people with diverse academic backgrounds, who feel they can 1) teach in the Socratic method, in a Great Books curriculum, and/or 2) know a lot about administering and running a college.

If you are interested in such a project, drop me an email at rl@well.com, and if I get enough interest we can pursue together this venture, and see if it is a viable idea or just tilting at windmills.



Though I do not live in Texas, I can’t help that much, so I will pray for your success!
Also, by “great books” college, do you mean a Liberal Arts college?


Thanks so much for your prayers!!

Yes, "great books" implies a specific curriculum, a liberal arts curriculum focused on the great works of western civilization. Since the Catholic Church basically built western civilization on her own, a Catholic great books college makes a lot of sense.


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