A Great CD

I am currently writing all kinds of reports for Grad school, and I am finding peace and focus in part through listening to this CD while I work:

Claudio Monteverdi: Vespers of the Blessed Virgin 1610

I cannot totally verify that these Vespers are in concordance with our Holy Church, but as I don’t speak Latin, I can’t understand them anyways. The sublime essence of this music makes me ponder God, keeps me from sin, and focused on my work while remaining unstressed.

Highly recommended!

Any other great CDs you guys know like this? Especially Christmas CDs, given the upcoming season.

Since you asked specifically about Christmas CDs, Terry Robb’s Bethlehem Star is going to find its way into my collection this year. I already have so many Christmas albums I could almost play them from Thanksgiving to Epiphany without a repeat (okay an exaggeration but definitely several 24-hour days :smiley: ). I first heard Bethlehem Star last year (I think it was on Epiphany) and refused to continue my “silent” retreat until I found out the composer and album.

It’s classical guitar and reminded me a lot of another album in my collection.

Why would you think that Monteverdi’s Vespers isn’t in concordance with the Catholic Church?

Not necessarily for Christmas, but I think this is fantastic. Every Catholic should know Palestrina.

Nice to share with us…

I was not sure if they were in concordance because I didn’t take the time to look them up. I knew it was venerating St. Mary, but I just like to disclaim things before referring them to other people.

Thanks for the other suggestions!

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