‘A Great Moment’: Rover Finds Methane, a Clue That Mars May Harbor Life

A year after reporting that NASA’s Curiosity rover had discovered no evidence of methane on Mars, scientists reversed themselves yesterday.

Curiosity has now recorded a burst of methane that lasted at least two months.

For now, scientists have just two possible explanations for the methane. One is that it is the waste product of certain living microbes.

“It is one of the few hypotheses that we can propose that we must consider as we go forward,” said John P. Grotzinger, the mission’s project scientist.

The scientists also reported that for the first time, they had confirmed the presence of carbon-based organic molecules in a rock sample. The so-called organics are not direct signs of life, past or present, but they lend weight to the possibility that Mars had the ingredients required for life, and may even still have them.

Everybody’s seeming desperation to find life in the sky has me shaking my head.

We should be striving to maximize the life we already know we have.



The desperation for it is sad, I agree; but the prospect of there being life on Mars is still cool. ^^

I think a lot of methane bubbles up from the interior of the earth all the time. Some, but not all, think it’s the remote source of natural gas we bring to the surface.

The article does recognize that it could be basically the same thing. It says the non-life process of generating it requires water. I don’t recall reading that the methane that bubbles up from the earth’s interior does. But then, nobody claims there’s no water on Mars, either.

Oh, I just love this stuff. And, yes, it does sound like Mars could have had life at some point (and/or now). With the seeming infinity of planets, it is only a matter of time…to me, the vastness of the universe just increases my wonder at the greatness of God…there are possibly even different dimensions.

It might be even more impressive, even sobering, if, after laboriously searching for life in the universe’s billions of planets, we found exactly none outside the earth.

Yes. I think it is actually very unlikely that we would ever find life at the same point it is here, i.e, meet up with other human beings and animals. But we could well find water, microbes, etc. The problem of course is the vastness of space - we can’t possibly reach any of these planets or stars; we are basically separated by space *and *time. It always amazes me to think that a star’s light that you are look at each night left the star 400 years ago.

Looks like we may not be alone. :smiley:

There is that kind of odd passage somewhere in the Gospels where Jesus refers to his “other flock”…:slight_smile:

with God, ALL things are possible…

Given that less than 1% of 1% of human life knew Him during His life, imagining that that verse refers to aliens is **beyond **a stretch. :):slight_smile:


Depending upon the star; some are far nearer than that. All, of course, unreachable by human life.

To Einstein, space and time were one :slight_smile:


The methane could be from a non-organic source. The evidence that Mars once had water is strong. That it may be trapped as ice under the surface has yet to be confirmed but it is highly likely. The assumption that since carbon has been found has no legitimate scientific connection to life ever having been on Mars. It is an unwarranted assumption.

Should a rover discover water ice a foot or two below the surface, that would be good. However, to be useful to potential human visitors, it would have to be studied for contaminants, including microbes. If large pockets or areas exist, this ice would have to be heated to provide a source of water. And likely filtered to remove any non-organic particles that would be mixed in.


Well, yeah.

If carbon meant life, we should be looking on Jupiter and Saturn; both worlds have more organics than Earth many times over.


Well, thats just our curious nature at work, and really this discovery will probably be the biggest, most important discovery in all history…think about it, this is discovering proof of life elsewhere, plus, its the closest planet to earth…if life is that close, think about ALL the other planets that have intelligent civilizations on them!!

We can only guess what kind of knowledge some of these other intelligent civilizations possess…Im sure it will put us to shame, but it also will prove to everyone, God was very creative, and likely placed the ‘seeds’ of life on millions and millions of other planets out there, of course, some were created LONG before humans, and some were probably created after humans…simply amazing though!!

Ive always known it was only a matter of time before this was made ‘official’, and I truly think our Govt knows a WHOLE LOT more about life beyond our planet than they currently will admit to. if you look thru declassified Govt documents from years past, it is pretty clear, they indeed have some knowledge about extraterrestrial life. It is AMAZING how many legit Govt documents refer to extraterrestrial life, UFOs, etc. and speaking very candid about them, one document even states this topic was higher priority than the Atom bomb at the time! These are also LEGIT Govt docs, straight from the Freedom of Information act releases.

of course, Im sure this was for good reason back then, even today, if NASA or other Govt agency suddenly found out we are surrounded by vastly intelligent civilizations, this would/ will, become top priority above anything else!

The ‘event’ that stands out to me though is what happened in the early 90s, when then Senator Byrd, asked his national security adviser, Dick DaMato, to investigate the UFO sightings being reported and find out what the Govt actually knows about this topic…in short, Mr. DaMato found actual proof of a ‘black arm’ of the US Govt that is responsible for disinformation regarding aliens/ UFOs, etc. and had unlimited money to fund these projects over the years

I’ll believe in aliens when I, my human eyes, visually see them.

Until then, they have zero relation to my life.


Great. The aliens are gassy, just like us. We can send a bottle of Beano up with the next rover as a peace offering.

Indeed, as are energy and matter. Now, that is really something to think about. :thumbsup:

is this still going on?

That, in fact, fits more comfortably around my head!:slight_smile:


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