A great youth story



I’m a supporter of Catholic Answers, and a convert, and even the son of a preacher :slight_smile: But I just had such a great experience that I wanted to share it with this on-line family. This is such a good story! :slight_smile:

A youth from my parish (which is back and forth at #1 and #2 in size in the Cincinnati area) has a great heart for serving God and a lot of musical talent. He offered to cut my grass last year and I gave him Bible verses to memorize because that is what we did in the church I grew up in. Well, he really took to it and he has asked a lot of questions and has really grown in Christ during this past year.

In the meantime, the owner of the company I work for (www.sheakley.com) is a great guy and an owner of the Reds…well we got Adam a gig playing the National Anthem at a Reds game on a 4th of July Fireworks sellout night and Sheakley provided us with their corporate suite, as if that wasn’t special enough, Adam prayed “Come Holy Spirit” before going out in front of 37,000 + fans.

This is such a good kid, and I want to ask you, the Catholic Answers Family, to support him. Will you post a comment on his youtube site and encourage him in his faith journey? This is such a good kid :thumbsup:





:extrahappy: your story is quite refreshing!
I’m very happy for him, and you, of course, to be the witness of his return to God.


The media gives so much attention to the “bad” kids these days. It’s a shame. He should be on the front page of every newspaper in my book! :smiley: He’s proof that great things can happen for great people…and Amen to him for using the wonderful talent our Lord blessed him with!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Thanks for your post on youtube :slight_smile:




Amen to that. I think Catholic Answers Live should get him as a guest on their radio show, wouldn’t it make a good show to talk to a 16 year old that draws strength from his faith in God? Good things like this should be promoted!!!




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