A Grieving Woman Reports the Desecration of Her Church in Charlotte, North Carolina

see www.patheos.com/blogs/thecrescat/2013/01/st-thomas-aquinas-in-charlotte-desecrated-by-satanic-vandals.html

From reading the article, it looks like a normal break-in to me. Nothing satanic about it (despite the impression given by the web link).

These things happen. Nasty people don’t care about the sanctity of the church space. We pick ourselves up and move on, offering up the distress that we suffer, which in a very small way unites us with those who have been martyrs for their faith. I hope the parish concerned are able to make good the repairs soon and are able to get back to celebrating their faith in peace.

That’s so sad. But very interesting to read that there is a special rite for when this happens.

Similar things have happened in the past in my Archdiocese. Perhaps the worst being human excrement in holy water fonts and on the Altar.

Since mid 1990’s after a rash of B&E’s a standing order by all insurance companies insuring Church properties require automatic fire and burgular alarm systems on all buildings. Its also a city ordinance on many public buildings.

May God forgive those who do these things, and convert their hearts, and make them the best Catholics ever to grace those parishes where the destruction took place.

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