A grocery store threw out $35,000 in food that a woman intentionally coughed on

(CNN)A woman purposely coughed on $35,000 worth of food at a Pennsylvania grocery store, police said. She likely faces criminal charges for coughing, one of the primary ways the novel coronavirus spreads.

The unnamed woman entered small grocery chain Gerrity’s Supermarket in Hanover Township and started coughing on produce, bakery items, meat and other merchandise, chain co-owner Joe Fasula wrote on Facebook.

Staff quickly removed her from the store and called Hanover Township Police, who found her a few hours later and took her into custody, Police Chief Albert Walker told CNN.

Hanover Township police said the woman “intentionally contaminated” the food, and they plan to file criminal charges against her once her mental health treatment concludes.

Officials don’t believe she’s infected with coronavirus but “will make every effort to see that she is tested,” Fasula wrote.

Despite considering what she did a “very twisted prank,” Fasula said the store threw out every item she came into contact with and worked with a local health inspector to identify and disinfect areas she entered.

Ultimately, he said, the store disposed of $35,000 worth of food.

“I am absolutely sick to my stomach about the loss of food,” Fasula said. “While it is always a shame when food is wasted, in these times when so many people are worried about the security of our food supply, it is even more disturbing.”

It’s not clear what charges the woman may face when she leaves mental health treatment.

People who threatened to spread the virus charged with terrorism

The Department of Justice affirmed Wednesday that people who intentionally spread the novel coronavirus could be charged with terrorism.

Officials across the states are taking threats of spreading coronavirus seriously. Earlier this week, a New Jersey man who police said purposely coughed on a grocery store employee and said he had coronavirus was charged with making “terroristic threats.” It was not clear whether the man had a lawyer, the state’s attorney general said.

People who do this should be charged with terrorism. They need to punished as severely as possible. They may find everything amusing, but many do not.


I did see a story from somewhere else (New Jersey comes to mind, but I can’t swear to it), that a man who coughed “at” someone and claimed to have coronavirus is, indeed, being charged with making terroristic threats.


You know…we hear how many people are helping each other in many ways…the sacrifice many are making…especially healthcare workers…and then…you get this…words aren’t adequate…

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There’s also news about teenagers going around to grocery stores and coughing on the produce.

I think it was in Washington, not sure.

Bewildered head shake. Chalk it up to immaturity, I guess.

Yes, the “corona challenge” has replace the likes of eating Tide Pods or Ghost Peppers

The young often think they’re immortal plus the virus only kills old people.


Should be charged with being stupid also. That’s just an opinion. Lol


Eunuch, at least in the biblical sense, can now be added potentially. Might kick in that youthful self centeredness.

As Catholics I’m sure most of us here are 100% anti abortion…but when you read or hear about some people…welllll…ok I’m only joking… but y’all get the picture

It was indeed NJ.

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It is similar to having sex with someone knowing you have AIDS.


I’ve already encountered a person that views the outbreak as a cleansing. I saw no discussion to be had there…

My Uncle Bud is 75 year old and still puts in 12 hour days working on his farm. If you look at his weathered face you can see every one of those 75 years. From the neck down, however, he is strong as an ox. Not from exercising or working out, but from doing tough, hard physical labor from sunup to sundown. Uncle Bud is “farmer strong.”

I was watch the news with him a few evenings ago and there was a story about some kids who think it’s funny to cough on elderly folks and then tell them that they are infected with Covid-19. Uncle Bud just kind of shook his head in disbelief and said, “I pity the young fool who tries that with me.”

I pity them too. It would be ugly.


Don’t forget that trend of licking ice cream and putting it back in the store freezer from a year or two ago.

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