A guide to Rome's Churches?


I was unsure where to post this, but since it’s related to a pilgrimage, I thought the spirituallty forum would be most appropriate.

My family went to Rome last year, and we vistied so many Churches and sought the blessings of so many relics that it turned out to be a whirlwind of a trip. My family is planning another trip to Europe, and hopefully we’ll stop in Rome again.

I was wondering if anyone on these forums knows of a book that gives a detailed guide to the numerous Churches of Rome? It would be great if it had lots of pictures and was written from a Catholic perspective, identifying the various relics and indulgences that can be attained by visiting these Churches - as well as the history.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve already done a search on google, so please don’t just post whatever you find off amazon - I’ve done that. I want to hear from some people who actually used or seen the book they are talking about.

Thanks in advance!


The only thing I could come up with, was EWTN’s book section. It may have some of the same books you found through Google. But maybe others, which you didn’t find.

I saw a couple of interesting DVD’s, and CD’s. But didn’t know if that was quite what you were seeking. Here is the link:


Hope it helps. God bless.


I didn’t think of this, I’ll be sure to take a look, thanks!

If anyone at all knows of a book, please don’t be shy :slight_smile:


i have looked for a similar book in the past and wasn’t able to find one :frowning:
i just did a google and one site said that there are 900 churches in rome!

i need to go back too, for a month or more this time. (if only)


i did just find this!

the churches of rome - wiki


thanks! Well this is the right subject matter, I’d like a hard copy for two reasons; first my mother keeps asking about such a book so it would be a great present. And secondly, I want to be able to carry it around Rome.

There was one book I found, but its out of print everywhere.

A Pilgrim’s guide to the principle Churches of Rome.


I’m not too sure if this has the desired layout/pictures either. So I don’t know if its worth hunting down.

Has anyone seen or come across this book before?


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